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xxx 2012-09-06

IMTS 2012: IndraDrive power supply offers performance with less energy consumption

IMTS 2012: IndraDrive power supply offers performance with less energy consumption

The intelligent energy management of the IndraDrive power supplies with Smart Energy Mode avoids peak loads on the mains side and reduces losses in the mains connection line.

Rexroth’s IndraDrive power supplies with smart energy mode combine various approaches for intelligent energy management.

The IndraDrive M modular drive system offers both feeding and feeding/regenerating power supplies for single-axis and double-axis inverters. They provide the individual drives with DC bus voltage. This way they regain brake energy when the engine switches to generator mode.

The feeding supply unit saves this energy in DC bus capacitors. Because of the unregulated DC bus voltage that is inherent to the functional principle, a high voltage range is available to these types of devices.

Feeding/regenerating supplies take advantage of a regulated DC bus voltage, for example, to ensure the same level of machine performance independent of the supply voltage that may differ from region to region. Here, the brake energy is first fed back into the mains and then procured again from the mains during the next acceleration process. In case of peak performances that are required, for example, for highly dynamic and cyclic start-stop applications the mains will also experience high pulse loads.

The intelligent energy management of the IndraDrive power supplies with smart energy mode combines the benefits of either variant. The regulation ensures a mains-voltage independent DC bus voltage while at the same time using the capacitors as energy storages. This way, peak loads are avoided on the mains side and losses in the mains connection line are reduced. The result is reduced energy consumption, improved grid compatibility and the use of smaller components at same machine performance levels. Rexroth provides an intelligent energy management for the entire performance range of the IndraDrive M series.

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