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xxx 2013-07-24

CNC Confidence: Rexroth IndraMotion MTX micro CNC chosen for next-generation gantry router

CNC Confidence: Rexroth IndraMotion MTX micro CNC chosen for next-generation gantry router

IndraMotion MTX micro CNC offers robust and cost-effective controls and drive platform for latest version of gantry-style wood router.

KOMO Machine Inc. of Lakewood, NJ designs and builds high-quality precision computer numerically controlled (CNC) routers and machining centers for major market segments, including woodworking, plastics/composites and sheet metal applications.

The company recently developed a new version of its successful Mach One GT series of routers, offering the same precision and milling quality as the existing routers, but utilizing a new CNC system that delivers excellent performance in a more affordable platform. KOMO’s new router, called the Mach One GT MTX, features the IndraMotion MTX micro CNC system.

The Mach One GT MTX Series is an open-bed, gantry-style router with a traveling gantry and stationary table design. Created to serve the needs of medium to large wood milling operations, as well as plastics and light sheet metal machining operations, it will support high-output production for a wide range of products, including medium density fiber board and solid wood entry doors, to engineered furniture and detailed decorative engravings for high-end cabinetry.

Bosch Rexroth has an established relationship with KOMO supplying linear motion components for their routers and machining systems. Building on this relationship, two factors convinced KOMO that Rexroth’s MTX micro was the right CNC for the new machine: The MTX micro’s technology, and Bosch Rexroth’s reputation as a top-quality supplier.

"We were familiar with Rexroth from our work with them. We also know they have an excellent reputation in the controls marketplace, and that gave us confidence," said Mike Kolibas, KOMO president. "We had opportunities to work with smaller controls suppliers, but we chose Bosch Rexroth because we knew they would be there for the long haul."

According to Jeff Erickson, executive vice president at KOMO, Rexroth had demonstrated the MTX micro prior to KOMO’s development of the new Mach One GT. "We had seen its capabilities, and it was offered at the right price point, so the timing was good," Erickson added.

KOMO’s machine has three axes of interpolated motion: The X and Y gantry axes and the Z spindle axis are all controlled by the Rexroth MTX micro CNC. Robust CNC performance supported KOMO’s selection of the MTX micro: "We believe it has good look-ahead capabilities, which will allow shops to run the machine faster, yet maintain accurate control of the axes," Erickson said.

For example, when cutting a wood panel, the Mach One GT MTX will support a high feed rate of 1,500 inches per minute. "As it comes to a corner, it will ramp down to precisely cut a sharp corner without rounding it, and then quickly ramp back up to 1,500 inches per minute, while maintaining control of all the axes," he said. This will enable the Mach One GT MTX to sustain a higher rate of throughput without sacrificing milling quality, enhancing the return on investment for KOMO’s customers.

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