ATX West 2016


Solutions for automation and assembly productivity

For assembly OEMs and end-users, Bosch Rexroth presents its latest solutions for automation productivity at the 2016 ATX West. From manual production systems to highly flexible conveyors and transport systems, Rexroth will showcase products that help manufacturers achieve greater efficiency and become leaner and more productive. Rexroth products and systems offer a full range of solutions for any operation type, regardless of the level of automation.

Find automation products and demonstrations, and visit with Rexroth experts about your specific solution options at ATX West in Anaheim, CA, booth #4400, February 9-11, 2016. Tour our booth to see manual production systems, tightening tools, highly flexible conveyor systems, Cartesian motion transport systems, new machine programming functionality and more.

Browse the tabs below to learn more about some of the technologies and products you’ll see at Bosch Rexroth’s booth at ATX West.


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  • VarioFlow plus

    VarioFlow plus—next generation conveyor systems

    The VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system is a versatile, high-performance and standardized system ideal for achieving a fast time-to-market. With this chain conveyor system, users can easily configure individual, space-saving automation solutions for complex transportation tasks, even in particularly difficult environments.

    The modular and flexible design of VarioFlow plus makes it ideal for use in the fields of food and packaging, health care, automotive and electronics assembly lines and machine interlinking.

    When you incorporate VarioFlow plus into your assembly solution, you benefit with:

    • Fast, smooth assembly due to pre-engineered modules
    • Economical hardware with high chain tensile strength
    • Compact drives for conveyor speeds from 5 to 66 m/min
    • Drive and curve wheels that can be coupled
    • Minimized noise and wear
    • Efficient MTpro Planning Software with Layout Designer – the fastest way to get started

    Get more details on the VarioFlow plus system.

  • TSplus

    TSplus—modular assembly conveyors

    The TSplus assembly conveyor improves manufacturing productivity and product quality while minimizing downtime. The workpiece pallet-based, non-synchronous conveyor offers maximum assembly flexibility with modular and pre-engineered components. Users can choose from three conveying media, 26 pallet sizes, and an extensive range of positioning and transfer modules.

    The system can be easily expanded, reconfigured or relocated as your needs change. As production requirements change, TSplus gives you the flexibility to add manual or automatic workstations. Modularity simplifies system design and assembly, allowing you to be more responsive to changing market demands. Installation and maintenance are also simple, reducing up-front and ongoing costs.

    TSplus assembly conveyors provide benefits including:

    • Precision positioning to 0.05 mm when used with Rexroth Lift-Position Unit
    • Manual and automated operation parts can be mounted to pallets
    • Pallets can be stopped regardless of orientation
    • Exciter plates work with proximity switches to sense pallet presence

    Find out more about the TSplus conveyor.

  • Tools

    Production and tightening tools

    For assembly of everything from dishwashers to wind turbines, Bosch Production Tools, Bosch Power Tools and Rexroth Tightening Systems are secure, reliable and accurate. Rexroth Tightening Systems use advanced digital control technology and long-lasting electric motors to provide scalable assembly tightening solutions for all automated and manual tightening tasks. Additionally, tightening products are designed to withstand a million maintenance-free tightening cycles under full load for high-volume, high-quality operations and minimal downtime.

    Rexroth offers tightening technology including:

    • Tightening spindles
    • Handheld and cordless nutrunners
    • Control and power electronics
    • Stationary tightening systems
    • Complete press-fit systems

    Learn more about Rexroth Tightening Systems.

  • Cartesian Motion

    Three-axis Cartesian Motion Systems

    Rexroth's EasyHandling Cartesian Motion System features simplified design and installation. Users can order pre-configured, ready-to-install components to create versatile handling systems for pick-and-place, packaging and other applications. Configurations come complete with linear modules, servomotors, drives, cables, cable management and mounting hardware.

    Rexroth's three-axis CMS provides benefits including:

    • Payloads up to 45 kg (100 lb)
    • Speeds up to 1.0 m/s
    • Acceleration up to 15 m/s2
    • Maximum strokes of 1,000mm in the X axis, 700mm in the Y axis and 800mm in the Z axis

    Find out more information about Rexroth's multi-axis Cartesian Motion Systems.

  • Manual Assembly

    Manual Assembly and Production Systems

    Rexroth’s Manual Production Systems (MPS) have been developed strictly in line with lean manufacturing principles. Based on our easy-to-reconfigure Aluminum Framing system, the MPS makes lean manufacturing easy and provides a fast setup for your lean systems. MPS lets you configure your system to meet your needs, and it’s robust enough to stand up to many changes – so you can meet your customers’ changing demands without wasting your original investment. Use MTpro planning software and Rexroth expert support to plan and implement your systems and assembly lines.

    With the Rexroth MPS, you’ll enjoy benefits including:

    • Ergonomic workstations
    • Greater productivity and shorter passage times
    • Reduction in the seven types of manufacturing waste
    • Electrostatic discharge protection

    Learn more benefits of Manual Production Systems.

  • Active Mover

    ActiveMover: The new standard in short cycle transfer systems

    Bosch Rexroth announces the introduction of a new linear motor transfer system called ActiveMover. The system is designed for highly precise transfers in short production cycles. For high-throughput assembly or any application that requires speed and precision in transfer and handling of products, ActiveMover represents a major advancement in efficiency. The pre-engineered, modular system offers new levels of performance for high-speed assembly in the automotive industry, for precision applications in the medical device industry, and for the assembly of consumer products. Importantly, the new conveyor also offers outstanding opportunities in packaging applications, specifically in filling and packaging machinery and systems.

    Customers can expect:

    • Increased Process Quality
    • Ramped-up Productivity
    • Enhanced Profitability
  • I4.0

    Open Mechatronics

    Visit booth 4400, and see how Industry 4.0 solutions can be implemented today. Our new Open Mechatronics demo utilizes Rexroth‘s Open Core Engineering solution on an L25 Controller to illustrate how the award-winning Open Core Interface can allow users to program complex motion using an Excel spreadsheet! The Open Core Interface allows for high-level language programming with enhanced access to the core of the control system, enabling machine builders to create their own individual functions without the need for additional hardware. Open Core Engineering is simply the fastest, easiest way to put the power of I4.0 to work now—for you…and your customers.

    The mechanical elements in the Open Mechatronics demo are configured as a 2-axis Cartesian system with a CKR Compact Module in the X axis and an EMC Gen2 electromechanical cylinder and IMS Ball Rail in the Z axis. The system demonstrates its precision by mounting a size 65 Ball Rail Runner block repeatedly onto and off of a Size 65 Ball Rail, all operated via a PC tablet.

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