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Automate 2019


Automation for the Factory of the Future!

Imagine – a factory floor that can adapt to new tasks at any time, with minimal effort. Mobile and connected production equipment can be easily configured to fast-changing requirements, enabling serial and custom production of small batch sizes. Automation is the key to a digitized and highly flexible factory – the Factory of the Future.

Join Bosch Rexroth at Automate 2019 in booth #7929 to learn about our intelligent automation technologies and services.

Put the power of Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things and connected automation to work for you today. Whether your customers require precise positioning with minimum cycle times, fast changeover for small-size batches, or flexible adaptation to changes in production, Bosch Rexroth’s I4.0-ready technologies increase your productivity, manufacturing flexibility, and scalability. Our proven portfolio of drives, motion controls, linear modules, conveyors and mechatronics technology, combined with our extensive industry application expertise, makes Bosch Rexroth your expert partner for driving advances in assembly and handling systems, motion control, machine safety, distributed drive systems, and connected automation. Our automation solutions allow for innovative machine designs, shorter machine build cycles, and reduced machine footprints.



At Automate 2019, April 8–11 in Chicago, IL experience the latest in connected automation and IIoT, including:

  • a multi-axis Cartesian robotics demo with Rexroth's award-winning Open Core Engineering, connecting the worlds of IT and automation
  • TSplus and VarioFlow plus conveyor systems
  • the latest Rexroth drives and intelligent motion controls
  • motor-integrated drive concept IndraDrive Mi
  • safety solutions
  • the ActiveCockpit system for production floor data visualization.

Bosch Rexroth is your one-stop for solutions in connected automation, everywhere in your plant. Be sure to stop by Booth #7929 and see how
We automate the Factory of the Future! Now. Next. Beyond.



  • Smart Assembly 4.0 Conveyor

    The Smart Assembly 4.0 Conveyor

    Smart Assembly 4.0 Conveyor

    The Smart Assembly 4.0 Conveyor is a multi-technology display promoting technologies from across Rexroth’s product portfolio. Our uniquely-designed aluminum structural framing and TS2 plus palletized assembly conveyor represent assembly technology offerings. CKK Compact Modules’ three combined linear axes create a Cartesian robot for automated assembly using components from Rexroth’s linear motion products. The Indradrive Mi from our automation solutions gives the system a cabinet free design. The entire system is controlled by a Rexroth XM22 PLC with a Safety PLC with Safe Torque and Safe Motion and incorporates an open PLC platform that can communicate in many different ways.

  • Mechatronics@Work

    Mechatronics@Work — customized batches of any size

    Open Mechatronics

    The Mechatronics@Work, Factory of the Future Showcase not only demonstrates the ability to customize a single batch size, viewers will also see cloud-based visualization and analytics of machine data.

    The Mechatronics@Work, Factory of the Future Showcase allows visitors to order a customized golf ball sleeve using a tablet to select the desired stack of three colored golf balls. Once the order is entered, the job is processed and tracked throughout the production flow and the status is displayed live.

    Featured components in the Mechatronics@Work, Factory of the Future showcase include:

    • IndraDrive Mi decreases the footprint of machines thanks to reduced components generating savings with up to 90 percent less wiring, and reduced cabinet size and energy consumption.
    • Rexroth’s intelligent IndraControl XM is easy to commission and features high-performance real-time data processing capabilities.
    • Rexroth’s OpenCore Engineering builds a crucial bridge to the world of IT, enabling new levels of engineering flexibility. Rexroth’s OpenCore interface allows integration into a wide range of systems without the need to add separate PCs or hardware
    • Data collection is done with Bosch’s XDK, a programmable sensor device and a prototyping platform for any IoT use case.
    • Rexroth’s IoT Gateway Rack connects all areas of production from sensors to machine data in just a few steps and allows full shop floor transparency and monitoring of the overall production system.
    • SafeLogic Compact provides safety systems with scalable functions and performance for all automation tasks

  • ActiveCockpit    

    Production floor data visualization system
    for better decision-making

    Production floor data visualization system for better decision-making

    As an interactive communication platform, ActiveCockpit processes and visualizes production data in real time. ActiveCockpit’s software functionality can easily network with IT applications, such as, production planning, quality data management and e-mailing throughout plants, and provides information that is the basis for decisions and process improvements.

    Active Cockpit is an interactive web-based platform that is meant to sit right on the shop floor. By customizing it with all relevant data for a production line, associates can recognize deviations and make decisions more quickly to increase productivity.

    Discover ActiveCockpit

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  • IoT Gateway  

    Fast and flexible connection of machines to Industry 4.0

    Fast and flexible connection of machines to Industry 4.0

    Network new and existing machines cost efficiently and optimize production processes and product quality: The IoT Gateway makes it easy to connect to Industry 4.0 environments without intervening in the automation logic. The precisely coordinated combination of control hardware and software for implementing IT applications collects sensor and process data, transmits it to MES, cloud applications or local machine state monitoring systems, for example, and enables process data analysis.