Scalable and productive: Cutting-edge machining technology solutions

Connect with our latest machine tool technology and product demonstrations and review your technical questions with our experts at FABTECH 2015 in Chicago, IL, Booth S2324, November 9-12, 2015. Technologies we will be showcasing for the forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries include:

  • Scalable CNC solutions with new multi-touch operator panels
  • Electric and hydraulic drives with multi-Ethernet functionality
  • Scalable Safety PLC solutions
  • Roller/Ball rails with integrated measurement systems
  • New resistance welding control options (adaptive/monitoring)

Several of our innovative products and technologies will be on display, including a new Sercos III multi-vendor demo that highlights the interoperability of nine Sercos product suppliers featuring real-time motion, CIP Safety on Sercos, pneumatics, encoder systems, fast I/O, temperature control, and intelligent actuator and weighing systems.

Browse the tabs below to learn more about some of the Bosch Rexroth technology you’ll see at FABTECH 2015.



  • IndraMotion MTX CNC

    IndraMotion MTX CNC

    IndraMotion MTX is a comprehensive family of machine tool controls that provide open, scalable, CNC platforms to satisfy your most demanding cutting, forming and machining applications. The newest platform version features the multi-core hardware CML 85, which supports 60 parallel NC-channels and control of up to 99 axes (up from 12 channels and 64 axes).

    In addition, machine builders using IndraMotion MTX can now take advantage of simplified wiring of safety devices by using CIP Safety on Sercos (CSos) with the IndraDrive and PROFIsafe over Profibus DP. Distributed safety control is also available using Safe Logic compact (SLc) as a Sercos device with safety network to the IndraDrive over the common Sercos Ethernet cable.

    Featuring a wide range of performance data and reporting functions, and the use of open standards, IndraMotion MTX lets you scale from individual machine control to a complete, networked system for large-scale production. IndraMotion MTX offers multiple platforms so you can build the best CNC solution for your operations.

    More on IndraMotion MTX

  • PRC 7000 Welding Controller

    PRC 7000 Medium-Frequency Welding Controller

    The new PRC 7000 resistance welding controller is designed for applications up to 320 kA and features intuitive operation for 90 percent faster commissioning times and easier parameterization, visualization and diagnostics. With adaptive control and monitoring, Rexroth’s welding controller provides superb weld point quality, even for complex combinations of metals.

    Key capabilities include:

    • Efficient handling and diagnostics
    • Integrated web server allows for wireless operation with smartphones or tablet PCs
    • Optimized programming, control, and monitoring functionalities for maximum welding spot quality
    • Stores up to 10,000 welding programs for seamless integration into production environments
    • Open system architecture with integrated application layer and servo-gun functionality

    Find out more about the PRC 7000 Welding Controller

  • IMS-A

    IMS-A (Absolute Measuring System)

    Maximum positioning accuracy even in heavily contaminated working environments can be achieved with Rexroth’s advanced integrated measuring system IMS-A. Building on the success of its incremental measuring system IMS-I, Bosch Rexroth is introducing the new IMS-A for its highly rigid ball rail and roller rail systems. Unlike incremental measuring systems, IMS-A does not require a reference run. This saves time during start-up and allows users to directly continue operations after a power failure.

    This compact solution for ball and roller rail systems operates inductively and achieves similar repeat accuracies as glass scales. The absolute measuring system IMS-A is suitable for measuring path lengths up to 4,500 mm. Several guide carriages can be separately placed on the same rail system.

  • Sytronix

    Sytronix Variable-Speed Pump Drives for Machine Tools

    Sytronix -- the "Smart interplay of Hydraulics and Electronics" – combines the features and most important advantages of both technologies: The reliability of powerful hydraulic systems, along with the energy efficiency and dynamics of compact electronics, go hand in hand with the variable speed of Rexroth's Sytronix Variable-Speed Pump Drives.

    The Sytronix FcP (frequency controlled pump drive) is an energy-efficient, variable-speed pump drive for use in constant pressure systems such as presses and machine tools. It is available in the performance class 1.5-90 kW, and offers energy savings that range from 40% to 70%. In addition, the Sytronix FcP reduces average noise emission by up to 20 dB (A), has minimal or no cooling requirements and features a compact design to help save space.

    More details on Sytronix FcP

  • Multi-Ethernet Drives

    IndraDrive Multi-Ethernet Electric and Hydraulic Drives

    Rexroth’s IndraDrive intelligent electronics provide a state-of-the-art platform to implement advanced drive-based distributed intelligence automation strategies, increasing the modularity and scalable flexibility of machine design.

    The latest firmware for the Rexroth IndraDrive platform offers support for the following Ethernet-based protocols: Sercos automation bus, EtherCAT, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and Powerlink. This multi-Ethernet support enables OEMs to use the same IndraDrive platform with many different machine controllers. Whether it’s the compact IndraDrive Cs for enclosure installation or the IndraDrive Mi with a power system for new innovative cabinet-free machine designs, Rexroth has the drive and motor solutions for today’s production machines.

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