Scalable and productive: Cutting-edge machine technology solutions

Connect with our latest machine technology and product demonstrations and review your technical questions with our experts at FABTECH 2016 Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, Booth C24080, November 16-18, 2016. Technologies we will be showcasing for the forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries include:

  • Scalable CNC solutions with:
      - functional safety
      - new multi-touch operator interface solutions
      - WebConnector and OPC UA, ready for Industry 4.0 connected automation
  • Cabinet free electric drive systems
  • CytroPac - The Hydraulic Power Unit Revolution
  • Uniform electric and hydraulic axix control with multi-Ethernet protocol functionality (Sercos, EtherCAT)
  • IMS - integrated measuring system (absolute/incremental options)
  • The latest in resistance welding control options (adaptive/monitoring)

Several of our other new innovative products and technologies such as Motion Logic with IndraControl V PC hardware will be on display in the new Sercos automation bus multi-vendor demo. This demo highlights the interoperability of 23 Sercos products from 11 manufacturers featuring real-time motion, CIP Safety on Sercos, penumatics, encoder systems, fast I/O, hydraulics, gateways, safety controllers and more

Browse the tabs below to learn more about some of the Bosch Rexroth technology you’ll see at FABTECH 2016.



  • CNC Controls

    CNC Controls: Indramotion MTX

    Bosch Rexroth CNC solutions work for applications from traditional to groundbreaking - and at the core of them is IndraMotion MTX. From the compact and affordable MTX micro with integrated CNC, PLC, drives, & IO, to MTX system controls scalable up to hundreds of axes, there is no equal. With IndraMotion MTX, you get powerful CNC control, including uniform software and integration, high channel/path count, 5-axis interpolation across the entire range and more - all coupled with easy-to-use HMI and engineering tools.

    The newest platform version supports another multi-core CPU – the CML 75 with up to 64 axes and 12 channels. The top end multi-core CML 85 supports up to 60 parallel NC-channels and control of up to 250 axes. In addition, the machine builder using IndraMotion MTX can now take advantage of central safety control using SafeLogic with simplified wiring of safety devices via CIP Safety on Sercos with the IndraDrive and PROFIsafe over PROFINET. Distributed safety control is also available using Safe Logic compact (SLc) as CIP Safety on Sercos connections to the IndraDrive over the common Sercos automation bus Ethernet cable. All MTX systems are ready for Industry 4.0, too, thanks to Sercos and Multi-Ethernet, OPC UA and Open Core Engineering for automation connectivity.

  • Cabinet-free Tech       

    IndraDrive Mi — Cabinet-free drive technology

    Rexroth offers a system solution that saves space, with maximum flexibility and efficiency: the new IndraDrive Mi, with its revolutionary cabinet-free power supply. This innovation eliminates drive electronics from the cabinet and lets machine builders mount a more compact controls enclosure directly to the machine — freeing up valuable plant floor space.

    With its pioneering status in modular, ultra-compact drive technology, IndraDrive Mi has changed the game in machine design, generating savings in multiple ways:

    • Up to 90 percent less wiring
    • Reducing control cabinet size by up to 90 percent
    • Up to 90 percent reduced energy consumption for cabinet cooling
    • Built-in safety technology functions
    • Multi-protocol-capable communication hardware

    The newest generation of IndraDrive Mi features additional safety functions, Sercos and Multi-Ethernet communication, intelligent control functions and an energy-efficient power supply, making it more useful and versatile than ever before.

  • Integrated Measuring

    High-performance guidance and measurement: Integrated Measuring Systems IMS-I and IMS-A

    The IMS-I (incremental) and IMS-A (absolute) integrated measuring systems combine highly rigid Rexroth ball rail and roller rail systems with a non-contact, inductive length measuring system. Both systems offer measurement accuracy comparable to that of high-precision glass scales, without the added complexity and cost of external scale mounting. The IMS-A is ideally suited for applications requiring highly dynamic and accurate absolute positioning in high-rigidity mechanical systems.

    The IMS-I (Incremental) and the IMS-A (absolute) offer:

    • Wear-free and noise impervious operation, due to the non-contact inductive measuring principle
    • No need for an external battery back-up
    • Robust and insensitive to dirt and contamination (IP 67 protection type)
    • Simplified design with components completely integrated into the linear guide; no attachments required
    • Reduced machine assembly and alignment effort and time

  • CytroPac

    Space-saving design, fully equipped and Industry 4.0 ready

    Space-saving design, fully equipped and Industry 4.0 ready

    The CytroPac hydraulic power unit is a revolutionary Rexroth solution to the challenges of fitting power units into tight machine spaces. CytroPac is one of the most compact and versatile units available that supports hydraulic power up to 4 kW.

    All CytroPac functions are elegantly integrated in the smallest space, in a low-noise package. The highly efficient Sytronix variable-speed drive intelligently adapts to the power required for a given duty cycle, yielding potential energy savings between 30% and 80 % as well as reduced CO2 emissions. CytroPac offers:

    • Pressure up to 100 bar, hydraulic power up to 4 kW
    • Flow rate up to 35 liters per minute, oil volume up to 20 liters
    • Speed-variable Sytronix pump-drive for demand-driven performance
    • Water-cooling thanks to efficient heat-pipe technology
    • Integrated frequency inverter with Sercos and Multi-Ethernet interface ( e.g. Sercos, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT)
    • Ready for use with the wired pressure, temperature, fill level, contamination and flow sensors – ready for i4.0!
    • Protection class IP 54

  • Welding Controller

    PRC7300 – new welding control from Rexroth

    Welding Controller

    The new PRC 7000 resistance welding controller is designed for applications up to 320 kA and features intuitive operation for 90 percent faster commissioning times and easier parameterization, visualization and diagnostics. With adaptive control and monitoring, Rexroth’s welding controller provides superb weld point quality, even for complex combinations of metals.

    Key capabilities include:

    • Efficient handling and diagnostics
    • Integrated web server allows for wireless operation with smartphones or tablet PCs
    • Optimized programming, control, and monitoring functionalities for maximum welding spot quality
    • Stores up to 10,000 welding programs for seamless integration into production environments
    • Open system architecture with integrated application layer and servo-gun functionality