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MINExpo International 2021




Make mining productive to the core

From excavating and crushing to transporting, refining and beyond, you’ll find many ways to excel in the Bosch Rexroth booth. With Rexroth solutions in the spotlight, we’ll be showcasing paths to greater reliability, increased output and superior control over mining and materials handling operations. You’ll discover not only the latest developments in our Hägglunds hydraulic motors, but also new hydraulic drive solutions and applications, and cutting-edge ways to put data and insights to work.

Here's what you’ll see:

• Reliability in even more applications
Rexroth offers robust and reliable hydraulic solutions for all functions of your application. With their rugged design and remarkable torque capabilities, Hägglunds hydraulic drive systems simply keep things moving. Find out why they’re the clear choice in so many mining and materials handling applications – and how they’re ready to change the game in a whole range of others.

• Advancing productivity
The mining market is constantly developing, and so are our drive solutions. We’re pushing boundaries not only in our Hägglunds hydraulic motors, but also in our already compact drive construction. See how we’re engineering a sharper edge in applications of all sizes.

• Connected partnership
The future is connected, but it builds on experience as much as technology. Connected Hydraulics will leverage the power and intelligence of Bosch Rexroth’s advanced hydraulics technology to break through limits and set new benchmarks for performance, functionality, and lifetime. Discover how connectivity is being integrated into our hydraulic drive solutions, and how it helps you benefit even more from our Rexroth service expertise. Our insights are deeper and more accessible than ever.

See you at the show! Booth 413


  • Reliability

    Reliability in even more applications


    Rexroth hydraulic drive solutions have redefined reliability – to say nothing of efficiency and control – in a wide range of mining operations. In our booth, you’ll be able to explore key applications where Hägglunds solutions make the difference for mining customers today. In addition, we’ll introduce you to drive concepts that take Hägglunds advantages into new areas. You’ll even find highlights from our wider offering, including hydraulic drives for loading and unloading in stockyards and harbors. Furthermore, you´ll see examples of customized hydraulic drive solutions for several machine functions, such as a ship loader, wagon dumper and tippler & loading stations.

  • Advance Productivity

    Advancing Productivity

    Advance productivity

    Our hydraulic drive solutions are constantly evolving so that you can get even more done in less space. With customized hydraulic drive solutions, we combine excellent physical advantages of fluid technology with a robust and compact design for more productivity. While at MINExpo, you’ll see the versatile Hägglunds CB motor, plus our powerhouse Hägglunds CBm, which packs 50% more torque into a motor smaller than its predecessor. At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find the new Hägglunds Atom, a tiny achiever ideal for mobile applications. And motors aren’t all. We’ll be revealing a new all-in-one drive solution, ready to bring compact productivity to feeders and conveyors.

  • Connected Partnership

    Connected Partnership

    Our expertise has always been at your service, but today’s connectivity puts it to work for you 24/7. Data is also key to minimal downtime, with algorithms based on decades of application experience, to detect wear before it leads to failure. In our booth, you’ll get a firsthand look at the possibilities of Hägglunds CMp, a condition monitoring solution that lets our experts make predictive analyses – so that you can plan actions to optimize performance and protect your drive’s uptime. We’ll also show you how Bosch Rexroth is leveraging Connected Hydraulics as a whole, setting new benchmarks for performance, functionality, and lifetime.