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National Plastics Expo (NPE2018)



Revolutionize your productivity today!

Connect with Rexroth in booth S18113 to unlock previously hidden value in your plastics applications—from individual machines to entire manufacturing systems. Revolutionize your productivity today with Rexroth’s proven, award-winning hydraulics and motion control technology.

For plastics manufacturers and machine designers, Bosch Rexroth will present its latest technologies and system solutions at NPE 2018. From electric and hydraulic drives and motors to mechatronic and servo hydraulic demos, Rexroth will showcase technologies that help plastics manufacturers operate with efficiency and precision throughout every step of the production process.

Want to find out how much productivity you can gain with the latest technology for connected manufacturing? Visit us at NPE 2018 and speak to Rexroth’s technical experts to revolutionize your productivity. See you in Orlando, FL, booth S18113, May 7-11, 2018.

Browse the tabs below to learn more about some of the featured technologies you’ll see at Bosch Rexroth’s booth at NPE 2018.



  • Sytronix DRn

    Sytronix DRn 5020 variable-speed pump drive

    On display at NPE will be the award-winning Sytronix DRn 5020. This variable speed pump drive was recently awarded Design News magazine's Golden Mousetrap award for best product in the Automation and Control: Drives category for its impressive features including reduced noise levels and torque demands and received an honorable mention by Control Engineering in the Motion Control category.

    Rexroth's Sytronix variable-speed pump drive systems combine the key advantages of both hydraulics and electronics. The DRn systems are well suited for OEM applications or retrofit of existing systems. They provide efficient solutions using industry standard pumps and motors, providing the added benefits of low-noise, reduced energy consumption and longer component lifetimes.

    Benefits of the Sytronix DRn 5020 include:

    • Reduced noise levels
    • Reduces torque demands
    • Increased pump efficiency
    • Energy savings up to 80%
    • Reduction in CO2 emissions (carbon footprint)

  • Hägglunds Motor

    Hägglunds Cab

    Our Hägglunds CAb motors with their extreme power density and high flexibility, make hydraulic direct drives the optimal choice in lighter applications. The motors have unmatched power density, with the unique ability to deliver full torque and full speed simultaneously.

    Perfect internal symmetry ensures consistent torque throughout the revolution, as well as a perfect balance of forces that minimizes noise and vibration. Compared to competitor solutions, the CAb motors provide 10-15% more torque for the amount of energy put in. Since they weigh so much less, they use less energy in the high-speed range.

    Fourteen configurations in small torque steps allow tight dimensioning and optimization in relation to the hydraulic pumps. With only two mechanical interfaces in all configurations, easy adaptation is also possible. From high energy efficiency to a better working environment, the Hägglunds CAb range means powerful benefits in plastics and beyond.

    Key features:

    • Excellent controllability
    • High starting torque at 0° rotation
    • Variable speed, 0-100%
    • Shock load protection
    • Low weight
    • Low moment of inertia

  • IO- Link

    IO- Link for Hydraulics


    IO- Link is a digital communications protocol that allows sensors, valves, and actuators to receive and send information to a machine PLC.

    Sensors, valves and actuators transmit data to a machine PLC that can be used for predictive component failure analysis. In addition, information regarding operating conditions and expected responses can be shared.


    • Makes digital information available from the hydraulic valves and sensors
    • Costs less than analog signals when incorporated into OEM equipment
    • No third party commissioning software needed
    • True plug and play digital communications
    • Internationally supported standard for point-to-point device communications

  • Actuators

    Servo Hydraulic & Electromechanical Actuators


    Electrohydraulic or electromechanical actuation? Which is the right one for my application?

    Explore the differences between electrohydraulic and electromechanical actuators in booth S18113, and speak to our application experts to determine the best fit for your machine or system. This unique exhibit compares Rexroth’s top-of-the-line high-force actuation products side-by-side: Servo Hydraulic Actuators SHA and SHA Basic, and heavy-duty Electromechanical Cylinder EMC-HD.


    • High power axis functions can be added as needed to any machine function
    • No additional systems needed, mount and connect electrically to actuate motion control axis as needed
    • Excellent accuracy, performance and best in class control Up to 250 tons of application force

  • EMC-HD

    Electromechanical cylinders and linear motion

    Our second award winner on display at NPE will be the EMC-HD (heavy duty, electromechanical cylinder) which was recently awarded Design News magazine's Golden Mousetrap award for best product in the Automation and Control: Motors and Mechanical Motion Devices category for its cost-efficient design, even under harsh work conditions.

    This robust electromechanical cylinder was developed for use in heavy load applications. Designed as a completely modular system with an integrated planetary or recirculating ball screw assembly, it is designed for cost-efficient work, even under tough conditions.

    Highlights of the EMC-HD include:

    • This solution allows users to have easy control and positioning and eliminates leakage
    • The EMC-HD meets a variety of environmental requirements including water protection and fire prevention, while lowering operating costs and saving time and space
    • Rexroth's EMC-HD is extremely energy efficient because they use the energy on demand and implement it with high efficiency in a linear motion
  • IoT Gateway

    IoT Gateway

    Is it possible to gain the benefits of Industry 4.0 or the IoT with existing machines and equipment? Visit us in booth S18113 and discover how Rexroth’s award-winning IoT Gateway can help you achieve new levels of productivity, even if your equipment has been in service for many years. IoT Gateway makes it easy to network both new and existing machines cost effectively and optimize production processes and product quality – without intervening in the automation logic. We’ll demonstrate why connectivity is important, technologies that can help you get connected, and what the benefits are of doing so.