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OTC 2019 (Offshore Technology Conference)

OTC, May 6-9, 2019 Booth 1205 - Hall D


Lower operational costs and minimized equipment downtime.

We Move. You Win.

For experts in offshore industries, Bosch Rexroth will exhibit its latest marine and offshore technologies at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), May 6–9, 2019, in Houston, TX, Booth 1205, Hall D.

During OTC 2019, Rexroth will showcase technologies that help offshore operators deploy applications that combine stability, safety and efficiency. This is your opportunity to get a first-hand look at our multi-technology systems, control systems and electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic actuators. An exciting highlight at OTC 2019 will be the opportunity to see a Rexroth system in action. Experience the full power and control of our electro-mechanical actuators during the show, demonstrated with the Rally Simulator.

Be sure to visit our booth for the latest information on marine and offshore technologies. And, be sure to sign-up to ride the Rally Simulator!

Explore the tabs below to learn about some of the technologies you’ll see at Bosch Rexroth's OTC booth 1205, Hall D.



It's back for another ride!

Rexroth Rally Simulator

Take a ride in our rally racing simulator, and experience the amazingly smooth movements and low noise levels generated by this Bosch Rexroth motion simulation platform. In combination with the virtual reality game ‘Dirt Rally’, this dynamic exhibit shows Rexroth’s expertise in engineering and building high performance systems that work reliably and efficiently. #RallywithRexroth

And read more in the tabs below about the Motion Compensation Simulator technology behind the ride.



  • Subsea Valve Actuator
    Subsea Valve Actuator

    Subsea Valve Actuator

    The Subsea Valve Actuator is an electro-mechanical actuator with hydrostatic drive designed to complete the range of traditional hydraulic and all-electric subsea actuators for subsea control and production systems. The SVA achieves the same performance in terms of safety but with much better reliability than hydraulic actuators, and without umbilicals for hydraulic fluid power.

    Your benefits:

    • clean
    • efficient
    • safe
    • reliable
    • competitive

  • Motion Compensation
    Motion Compensation Simulator

    Motion Compensation Simulator

    Experience for yourself the amazingly smooth movements and low noise levels generated by this Bosch Rexroth motion simulation platform. This dynamic exhibit shows Rexroth’s expertise in engineering and building high performance systems that work reliably and efficiently.

    The standardized eMotion 1500 hexapod system consists of six identical electromechanical actuators, mounted on a triangular base plate. A SERCOS based control system is integrated in the center giving the system an attractive, clean appearance.

    • Standardized eMotion 1500 platform
    • SERCOS based control system
    • Coupled with Virtual Reality game ‘Dirt Rally’

  • IndraDrive ML
    IndraDrive ML large electric drives—the megawatt-sized universal inverter

    IndraDrive ML - Marine Certification

    Powerful, flexible and intelligent, IndraDrive ML large electric drives help machine manufacturers meet their exact needs. The IndraDrive ML helps reduce costs while increasing productivity are now marine certified and well-suited for the demands of offshore applications. Additional benefits include:

    • Application-optimized for energy efficiency
    • High power density and compact design
    • Modular universal inverters
    • Approved for marine certifications: DNV GL, ABS, and LR for applications including winches, hoists, and slewing and luffing drives for ship cranes

  • Hägglunds Winches
    Hӓgglunds Winches

    Smooth sailing in tough applications with Hägglunds Solutions

    The unique design of a Hägglunds hydraulic motor gives it the special features that make them an ideal match for marine winch applications. With a wide range of solutions ranging from the unique Hägglunds VI motor (with an amazing up to 98% starting efficiency) to the most compact but powerful CA to Hägglunds CBm motor range we can provide reliable performance to the most demanding of marine applications.

    Some of our most appreciated features are:

    • compact and lightweight
    • high starting torque
    • unlimited starts and stops
    • minimal maintenance
    • reliability
    • low noise level

  • CytroBox

    CytroBox - Discover this world innovation of Hydraulics!

    CytroBox - Discover this world innovation of Hydraulics!

    New ways of thinking and new design approaches are what make hydraulic power units the key components in the efficient and intelligent factory of the future. Today, the latest power units already boost efficiency in production with their energy-efficient operation, innovative design and intelligent connectivity.

    With CytroBox, we are revolutionizing hydraulic supply units and are sustainably changing people’s perception of hydraulics. We are writing a new chapter in the history of hydraulic drive technology.


    • Less consumption and more efficiency
    • Less space and more power
    • Less noise emissions and more flexibility
    • Less surprises and more availability