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Offshore Technology Conference 2015 (OTC) - Booth 2663


The latest technology for marine and offshore applications

For experts in offshore industries, Bosch Rexroth will exhibit its latest marine and offshore technologies at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). From drives and motors to a scale model of a pioneering ship capable of lifting 48,000 tons at once, Rexroth will showcase technologies that help offshore operators deploy applications that combine stability, safety and efficiency.

Learn about technology and equipment for marine and offshore applications and speak with Rexroth experts at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, TX, booth 2663, May 4-7, 2015. Visit our booth to view active heave compensators, hydraulic winch control systems, direct drive motors and more.

Explore the tabs below to learn about some of the technologies you’ll see at Bosch Rexroth’s OTC booth.


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  • IndraDrive ML

    IndraDrive ML large electric drives—the megawatt-sized universal inverter

    IndraDrive ML large electric drives—the megawatt-sized universal inverter

    Powerful, flexible and intelligent, IndraDrive ML large electric drives help machine manufacturers meet their exact needs. The IndraDrive ML helps reduce costs while increasing productivity and is well-suited for the demands of offshore applications. Additional benefits include:

    • Application-optimized for energy efficiency
    • High power density and compact design
    • Modular universal inverters

  • Heave Compensation

    Active heave compensation

    Varying sea conditions can often interfere with offshore productivity. Active heave compensators enable smooth operations and steady positioning to keep offshore applications moving. Bosch Rexroth has been a pioneer in this technology, with numerous system variants created to ensure that active heave compensators can fit your requirements. Advantages include:

    • Smooth operation
    • Accurate positioning to maintain a steady load
    • Compensation for roll, pitch and heave motion caused by waves
    • Power savings up to 85 percent

  • Winch Control

    Hydraulic winch control—flexible control for winches and cranes

    Hydraulic winch control—flexible control for winches and cranes

    Rexroth’s flexible control solution for winch and crane systems simplifies commissioning to reduce costs and errors. The controller can withstand vibrations and shocks, making it particularly well-suited for offshore applications. Safe, easy and compact, the control solution provides proven technology, field-tested components and reliable software.

  • Hägglunds CBM Motors

    Hӓgglunds CBM motors—do more with less

    Powerful and energy efficient, Hӓgglunds CBM direct drive motors deliver 50 percent more torque in a compact package that’s half the weight of its predecessor. These robust motors are ideal for marine and offshore applications. Benefits include:

    • Increased productivity with 50 percent more torque than its predecessor
    • Tighter footprint and 50 percent lighter than its predecessor
    • Maximum torque of 2,000 kNm
    • Full torque from from zero speed
    • Operational in all four quadrants