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Pack Expo

Imagine a factory floor that can adapt to new tasks at any time, with minimal effort – Welcome to the Factory of the Future!


Join Bosch Rexroth at PackExpo 2018 in booth #S1654 and at the Innovation Stage to learn about our intelligent automation technologies and services enabling economic customization down to a single batch size.

Stop by to:

  • Learn how to achieve highly flexible manufacturing processes enabling you to manufacture any product, at any time, quantity and variation
  • Understand the business value of connecting your packaging machine, production line and/or plant to the Industrial Internet of Things
  • Generate ideas and learn the required steps and technologies that help you plan and implement your Factory of the Future

While at the show, be sure to see Rexroth's presentation on Engineering the Factory of the Future!

Engineering the Factory of the Future. Now. Next. Beyond.

By Heiko Schwindt, VP Automation & Electrification Solutions, Bosch Rexroth

Sunday, October 14th, 12 p.m. Add to your show calendar

Pack Expo

PackExpo 2018

Booth #S1654
McCormick Place
Chicago, IL – USA

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Factory of the Future Showcase

Our Factory of the Future multi-technology showcase will present the technologies and components required to enable economic mass customization and increase overall equipment effectiveness. The showcase features our intelligent, distributed drive and control components, connectivity modules, compact and versatile linear products, innovative chain conveyors and a wide selection of structural framing. Browse the tabs below to learn more about some of the featured technologies you'll see at our booth.

See you in Chicago, IL, booth S1654, October 14 - 17.


  • Connected    

    Cloud-based connectivity for higher plant availability and process quality

    Cloud-based connectivity for higher plant availability and process quality Magnifier

    Rexroth connectivity solutions enable end users to let their equipment, production lines and manufacturing facilities communicate with each other. New and existing machines can be networked cost efficiently and optimize production processes and product quality.

    Connect your factory

    Data collection can be done with our SCD (Sense Connect Detect), a new, low-cost generation of sensors that are particularly easy to integrate. At PACK EXPO International 2018 we will show how data from a certain number of SCD sensors can be collected as well as analyzed and managed in the cloud.

    Rexroth's IoT Gateway Rack connects all areas of production from sensors to machine data in just a few steps and allows full shop floor transparency and monitoring of the overall production system.

    Learn more about Rexroth’s IoT Gateway

    Maximize your flexibility

    Rexroth OpenCore Engineering builds the crucial bridge to the world of IT, enabling new levels of engineering flexibility and supporting IoT standards such as OPC UA, Java or WebSocket.

    Learn more about OpenCore Engineering

    Digitalize your value stream

    Collect, analyze and visualize process and machine data in real time and make it available directly to the line – simply and conveniently with Rexroth's Data Analytics Server or a solution customized for you.

  • Flexible    

    Maximum productivity and flexibility. Minimum space, wiring, and cooling

    Maximum productivity and flexibility. Minimum space, wiring, and cooling Magnifier

    Decentralized, intelligent drive concepts like IndraDrive Mi enable modular packaging machines of the latest generation. Get the most out of your production and maximum flexibility in the smallest space. IndraDrive Mi, reduces machine footprint of packaging and processing machines thanks to reduced components generating savings with up to 90 percent less wiring, and reduced cabinet size and energy consumption.

    Learn more about IndraDrive Mi

  • Future-Proof

    Intelligent automation for maximum performance and flexibility

    Intelligent automation for maximum performance and flexibility Magnifier

    Ideal for all packaging, factory automation and motion logic applications, the intelligent IndraControl XM is easy to commission and features high-performance real-time data processing capabilities. Its OpenCore interface allows the integration into a wide range of systems.

    Rexroth’'s drive integrated safety module SafeMotion and safety control SafeLogic ensure safe operations and unlock automation efficiencies.
    Learn more about Rexroth’s safety solutions

    The intelligent servo motor MS2N can be used as a reliable and precise sensor. Packaging machine operators can implement Industry 4.0 applications, such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, both economically and without additional components.

    Learn more about MS2N motors

  • Efficient    

    Simple and fast line integration, interactive communication

    Simple and fast line integration, interactive communication Magnifier

    The innovative chain conveyor system VarioFlow plus helps you implement economical, individual part transfer with minimum effort. It is simply the quietest, most flexible, energy-efficient and easiest to assemble plastic chain conveyor available.

    Want to know what's happening anywhere in your packaging system at any time? The communication platform ActiveCockpit processes and visualizes process and machine data in real time.

    Learn more about VarioFlow plus

    Learn more about Active Cockpit

  • Fast    

    User-oriented, clear and comprehensive

    User-oriented, clear and comprehensive Magnifier

    Bosch Rexroth offers a variety of tools to support the selection and configuration of Linear Motion components and systems.

    Choose from our extensive portfolio of engineering tools such as the Linear Motion Designer, LinSelect and product configurators that assist you in the dimensioning and product-finding processes of standard linear motion products and customized variations. With our eTools, you can improve and speed up your engineering and ordering process for a shorter time to market.

    Learn More about Rexroth’s eTools