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Indicators for the real customer benefit are the five characteristics of the Connected Automation portfolio for packaging machines:

  • Connected
    Higher plant availability, higher process quality, future-proof

    Higher plant availability, higher process quality, future-proof.

    Easily connect automation components both horizontally and vertically: At Rexroth, all industry 4.0 applications can be economically implemented already today and are based on needs and standards. Even existing machines can be made compatible with Industry 4.0.

    Cloud Connection: Connections to cloud applications, e.g. from Oracle or Microsoft can be made effortlessly. The customer always maintains data sovereignty in the BOSCH IoT Cloud (BIC), which is available worldwide.

    Connectivity Upgrade: With the IoT Gateway, existing machines can be made compatible quickly and easily with Industry 4.0 without any programming or intervention in processes.

    ERP/MES Connection: Functional components allow corporate IT and production management to connect directly to the Rexroth automation platform.

    Web Technologies in Automation: The WebComposer enables fast, platform-independent creation of HTML5 interfaces for precise communication between control units and HMI applications.

    Data Analysis: Collect, analyze and visualize process and machine data in real time and make it available directly to the line – simply and conveniently, with the Production Performance Manager (PPM), the Data Analytics Server (DAS) or a solution customized for you.

    Open Standards: Open Core Engineering supports all Industry 4.0 and IoT standards, such as OPC UA, Java or WebSocket.

  • Cabinet-free

    Less installation space, less wiring, less cooling, complete modularity.

    Decentralized, intelligent drive concepts like IndraDrive Mi enable modular packaging machines of the latest generation. Get the most out of your production and maximum flexibility in the smallest space.

  • Adaptive
    Higher output, higher intelligence, improved productivity

    Higher output, higher intelligence, improved productivity.

    Increase productivity in no time by using the drive as a sensor or with an external multi-functional sensor system.

    The intelligent synchronous servo motor MS2N can be used as a reliable and precise sensor as well as a data source.

    Generate prototypes in IoT projects quickly with the wireless All-in-One platform XDK.

    Analyze and control movements directly in the drive with the Productivity Agent, enabling condition monitoring.

  • Simple
    Simple and fast line integration, interactive communication

    Simple and fast line integration, interactive communication.

    The innovative chain conveyor system VarioFlow plus helps you implement economical, individual part transfer with minimum effort. It is simply the quietest, most flexible, energy-efficient and easiest to assemble plastic chain conveyor available.

    Want to know what's happening anywhere in your packaging system at any time? The communication platform ActiveCockpit processes and visualizes process and machine data in real time.

  • Efficient
    More freedom, more efficiency, shorter time-to-market.

    More freedom, more efficiency, shorter time-to-market.

    This is how consistently digital engineering works throughout the entire work flow – with seamlessly integrated control, extensive libraries with turnkey technology functions and appropriate tools. Open Core Engineering enables quick integration and implementation of innovative machine functions using the latest software tools and practical function packages.

    All common simulation platforms are supported for model-based engineering: e.g. CATIA/Solidworks, MATLAB/Simulink, Eclipse, 3DEXPERIENCE or Modelica.