Next Generation Packaging Machines for Smart Manufacturing

From more compact, energy-efficient machines to complete production lines, Bosch Rexroth drives new levels of innovation for next-generation packaging solutions... today. Our proven portfolio of drives, controls, linear modules, conveyors and aluminum structural framing, combined with our extensive industry application expertise, makes Bosch Rexroth your expert partner for packaging automation.

Connect with our latest technology and product demonstrations, and review your technical questions with our experts at PACK EXPO 2016 in Chicago, IL, Booth #S-2872, November 6-9, 2016. Learn how our latest advances in cabinet-free technology help machine builders create more productive machines that use less plant floor space, plus interact with our active technical displays to discover the latest advances in packaging conveyors and high-performance handling systems.

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Pack Expo 2016

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  • Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0 concepts advance with Open Core Engineering

    Industry 4.0

    One of the most dominant topics across the automation and manufacturing industry landscape right now is Industry 4.0 - where the virtual world of information technology, the physical world of machines and the Internet are merging to become one.

    The advances in machine-to-machine communication and the vastly improved intelligence in those machines are leading to more automated processes, machine self-monitoring and results in real time. These advancements are also enabling the use of mobile devices, and their unique capabilities, in automation systems.

    Bosch Rexroth's innovative Open Core Engineering system is a key tool in helping drive this change. Discover how Glaub Solutions GmbH of Saltzgitter, Germany, quickly developed a touchscreen smartphone app to transfer automation system graphical user interfaces from traditional stationary HMIs to iOS- and Android-based smartphones and tablet PCs.

    The mobile and wireless smart devices offer significantly more freedom of movement, as well as options such as multi-touch screens, voice control and accelerometers.

  • Decentralized Technology    

    Do more in less space with Rexroth’s decentralized technology

    Rexroth offers a system solution that saves space, with maximum flexibility and efficiency: the new IndraDrive Mi, with its revolutionary cabinet-free power supply. This innovation eliminates drive electronics from the cabinet and lets machine builders mount a more compact controls enclosure directly to the machine — freeing up valuable plant floor space.

    With its pioneering status in modular, ultra-compact drive technology, IndraDrive Mi has changed the game in packaging and processing machine design, generating savings in multiple ways:

    • Up to 90 percent less wiring
    • Reducing control cabinet size by up to 90 percent
    • Up to 90 percent reduced energy consumption for cabinet cooling
    • Built-in safety technology functions
    • Multi-protocol-capable communication hardware

    The newest generation of IndraDrive Mi features additional safety functions, extended communication options, intelligent control functions and an energy-efficient power supply, making it more useful and versatile than ever before.

  • MS2N Synchronous Motors

    Compact Design for Higher Workpiece Quality

    Compact Design for Higher Workpiece Quality

    The new IndraDyn S series MS2N synchronous servo motors from Rexroth improve the constancy of the path velocity and hence the processing quality thanks to significantly reduced torque ripple. In conjunction with IndraDrive control units, completely new applications are possible, with greater packaging machine uptime in networked environments using the MS2N motors as a data source.

    The new IndraDyn S series MS2N carefully performs intelligent scans all the way to the motor. The individual measurements of each individual motor, as well as the saturation and temperature data, are stored in the respective motor's memory and automatically processed by IndraDrive controllers. This information greatly increases the precision of the torque and reduces the tolerance range while in operation to a fraction of what were previously normal values. In addition, the servo motor also provides data for the first time. As a result, packaging machine operators can implement Industry 4.0 applications, such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, both economically and without additional components.

  • IndraControl XM

    Easy and flexible system configuration with modular I/O expansion

    IndraControl XM

    Bosch Rexroth's IndraControl XM21/22 programmable logic controllers (PLC) combine the speed of the Sercos automation bus with Rexroth's IndraControl S20 input/output (I/O) series for one functionally complete and scalable control system. The controllers are available with either an Intel® 600 or 1,300 MHz ATOM processor (XM21/22), along with an onboard Sercos master featuring a cycle time as low as 250 µs.

    By integrating the company's modular IndraControl S20 I/O series into the controller, Rexroth adds to the flexibility of the control system. Optional extension modules further expand the integration options, while a service-friendly design reduces installation costs.

    Ideal for all packaging, factory automation and motion logic applications, the IndraControl XM platform is easy to configure and features high-performance real-time data processing capabilities; the platform is built with connected industry in mind. All XM Controllers fully utilize the features of Rexroth's Open Core Interface, opening the door to multiple software development environments using a standard SDK, tailored for each development software. This allows integration into a wide range of systems, for a truly connected solution.

  • VarioFlow plus   

    VarioFlow plus: Next-generation conveyor systems

    The VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system is a versatile, high-performance and standardized system ideal for machine builders and packaged product manufacturers who need dramatically faster time-to-market.

    Engineered to meet the demands of todays rapidly changing packaging markets, VarioFlow plus sets industry standards for flexibility and modularity. Users can easily configure individual, space-saving automation solutions for complex processing and transportation tasks, even in particularly difficult environments.

    When you incorporate VarioFlow plus into your packaging or assembly solution, you benefit from:

    • Fast, smooth assembly due to pre-engineered modules
    • Economical hardware with high chain tensile strength
    • Compact drives for conveyor speeds from 5 to 66 m/min
    • Drive and curve wheels that can be coupled
    • Minimized noise and wear
    • Efficient MTpro Planning Software with Layout Designer - the fastest way to get started