Precise, flexible, efficient—automation solutions for the semiconductor industry

Stay competitive in today's rapidly changing semiconductor manufacturing market with high-precision automation technology for every segment of the microelectronics supply chain—from electronic design automation to device fabrication and final manufacturing. With our latest advanced automation technologies and Industry 4.0 solutions, we can help you get from Lab to Fab faster than ever.

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Get drives, controls and linear motion technology for semiconductor applications delivered fast with our GoTo Focused Delivery Program.


  • Linear Systems

    Standard Modules or Customized Solutions

    Bosch Rexroth offers a wide range of standard catalog modules with many different drive options including ball screw, belt, and linear motor. From simple actuation to precision and high speed guided motion, we’ve got a solution for you.

    Additional options offered to accommodate many of the challenges present in semiconductor processing from custom plating to clean room considerations.

    Our custom systems group has the ability to design and integrate our core Rexroth products into a motion system built for your specific application needs.

  • Integrated Measuring  

    High-performance guidance and measurement: Integrated Measuring Systems IMS-I and IMS-A

    The IMS-I (incremental) and IMS-A (absolute) integrated measuring systems combine highly rigid Rexroth ball rail and roller rail systems with a non-contact length measuring system. Both systems offer measurement accuracy comparable to that of high-precision glass scales, without the added complexity and cost of external mounting. The IMS-A is ideally suited for applications requiring highly dynamic and accurate absolute positioning in high rigidity mechanical systems.

    The IMS-I (Incremental) and the IMS-A (absolute) offer:

    • Wear-free and noise impervious operation, due to the non-contact inductive measuring principle
    • No need for an external battery back-up
    • Robust and insensitive to dirt and contamination (IP 67 protection type)
    • Simplified design with components completely integrated into the linear guide; no attachments required
    • Reduced machine assembly and alignment effort and time

  • Inline Automation  

    Lower costs, simplify fab logistics, improve yield

    Inline Automation

    In-line process automation is an alternate concept for the manufacturing of Semiconductors and Displays. It reduces machine and facility costs, simplifies the logistics in the fab and improves the production yield. With solutions using our NYCe4000 and XM series controls, systems can be connected vertically and horizontally via open standards and easily deliver relevant information in real-time.

    Our linear motion system (LMS) is linear motor based transport system that provides a contactless and particle-free solution for the positioning of materials and work pieces inside or between machines. It offers maximum accuracy and speed along with a high degree of flexibility and individual carriage control.

  • NYCe 4000  

    NYCe 4000 – the world best motion control system for Semicon

    The NYCe 4000 motion control system, engineered specifically for the most advanced semiconductor applications, is now even more powerful! A new control engine enables your applications to run onboard the integrated Linux platform.

    The integrated real-time extension guarantees optimal motion control performance, while Linux enables maximum application support and integration possibilities of different machine networks.

    For onboard application development, the Eclipse based environment provides the support and enables short development cycles. The new architecture on the NYCe 4000 will make your machines faster, better and more cost-effective, while shortening your time to market.

    The NYCe 4000 systems offer:

    • Compact, modular, integrated drive and control platform
    • 32 kHz bandwidth control loops
    • Best motion control algorithms with sophisticated features
    • Powerful Linux based system with expandable memory size
    • Eclipse based development environment

  • IoT Gateway  

    Fast and flexible connection of machines to Industry 4.0

    Fast and flexible connection of machines to Industry 4.0

    Network new and existing machines cost efficiently and optimize production processes and product quality: The IoT Gateway makes it easy to connect to Industry 4.0 environments without intervening in the automation logic. The precisely coordinated combination of control hardware and software for implementing IT applications collects sensor and process data, transmits it to MES, cloud applications or local machine state monitoring systems, for example, and enables process data analysis.

  • Ind. 4.0  

    Industry 4.0: Connected Automation Starts Now

    Industry 4.0 Now!

    As a pioneer of Industry 4.0, we are now seeing the visions of smart factories becoming a reality. Connected automation in manufacturing leads to a faster and more flexible production process, greater efficiency of material, and reduction of complexity and downtime.

    Open standards for connectivity are the key! This concept drives all of our offered solutions. With a huge automation portfolio and an abundance of production experience from plants worldwide, we can offer leading automation and manufacturing expertise.