SEMICON West 2015


Precise, flexible, efficient—automation solutions for the semiconductor industry

Stay competitive in today's rapidly changing semiconductor manufacturing market with high-precision automation technology for every segment of the microelectronics supply chain—from electronic design automation to device fabrication and final manufacturing. Our complete range of drive and control technologies can help you build the right solution to accelerate time to market and enhance your competitive edge.

Find our extensive technologies for semiconductor and electronics at SEMICON West, July 14-16, 2015, in San Francisco, South Hall Booth 1817.

We’ll show you our advanced Open Core Engineering platform, which combines traditional IT capabilities with PLC functionalities to give systems designers much more freedom to design automation solutions to meet unique process needs. You’ll also discover our NYCe 4000 motion control system, engineered to handle the most complex interpolated motion requirements, as well as our integrated measuring system and our high-precision ball rail systems.


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  • NYCe 4000

    NYCe 4000—excellence in motion control

    NYCe 4000—excellence in motion control

    The NYCe 4000 motion control system combines compact and function-rich engineering for the complex requirements of today’s most advanced semiconductor tool platforms. Open software architecture and advanced hardware support extremely high-speed control loops with 32 KHz bandwidth and the ability to handle up to 120 digital and analogue I/Os in parallel in real time. With design and implementation support, Rexroth training and a built-in simulation environment, the NYCe 4000 enables you to build next-generation tools while streamlining your time to market.

    The NYCe 4000 systems offer:

    • Integrated drive and control platform
    • High bandwidth control loops
    • Powerful tuning and visualization software
    • Open architecture
    • Modular and compact design

  • IMS-I

    Integrated Measuring System Incremental IMS-I

    Integrated Measuring System Incremental IMS-I

    The IMS-I integrated measuring system combines highly rigid Rexroth ball rail and roller rail systems with an incremental length measuring system. It offers the measurement accuracy comparable to high-precision glass scales, making it ideal for use in external measuring systems requiring highly accurate position resolution and top repeatability.

    The IMS-I offers:

    • Wear-free operation, due to the non-contact, inductive measuring principle
    • No magnetic components
    • Robust and insensitive to dirt and contamination (IP 67 protection type)
    • Simplified design with components completely integrated into the linear guide; no attachments required
    • Reduced assembly and alignment effort and time

  • Linear Modules

    High-precision linear motion systems PSK

    Linear modules

    Combining a ball rail system and a ball screw within a compact frame, our PSK precision modules are powerful, fast and precise. The units achieve travel speeds of up to 96 m/minute and a positioning repeatability of up to 5 micron — accuracy well-suited for many semiconductor tooling requirements. These systems have an array of useful accessories including clamping fixtures and plate and strip covers.

    Rexroth high-precision PSK linear motion systems provide:

    • Optimal running properties, high load capacities, high precision and high rigidity
    • Rapid mounting and easy axis alignment
    • Low-cost maintenance
    • Precise alignment and easy fastening of attachments
  • OCE

    Unprecedented freedom with Open Core Engineering

    For the first time, Open Core Engineering allows semiconductor tool builders and end-users to develop and program custom automation functionalities using high-level languages that incorporate real-time access to platforms such as LabView and MatLab. Rexroth’s Open Core Engineering makes this possible by opening the core of Rexroth’s PLC systems, enabling new integration opportunities to enhance automation production workflow and flexibility.

    With Open Core Engineering, you can also simplify the handling and diagnostics of your machines by integrating tablet PCs and smartphones into your concepts. It's easy to create smart device applications for your preferred target platform and thus facilitate wireless access to the control system with the various operating functions of those devices.