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Explore Rexroth's Assembly and Handling Solutions - The Factory of the Future – Now. Next. Beyond.

Put the power of Industry 4.0 and Rexroth's Factory of the Future to work for you today. Whether you require precise positioning with minimum cycle times, fast changeover for small-size batches or flexible adaptation to changes in production, Bosch Rexroth's i4.0-ready technologies can increase your productivity while reducing engineering time and costs. Our proven portfolio of drives, controls, linear modules, conveyors and mechatronics technology, combined with extensive industry application expertise, makes Bosch Rexroth your expert partner for driving advances in assembly and handling systems.

At Assembly show 2018, experience the latest in connected automation and IIoT, including the ActiveAssist assembly assistance system, a Smart Workstation in collaboration with Tulip , a multi-axis Cartesian robotics demo with Rexroth's award-winning Open Core Engineering, VarioFlow plus conveyor systems, wireless tightening systems; and Bosch Rexroth's ActiveCockpit system for production floor data visualization.

At The ASSEMBLY Show, October 23-35, 2018 in Rosemont, IL, you will have the opportunity to see our latest technology and product demonstrations and review your technical questions with our experts. Be sure to stop by Booth #413 and see The Factory of the Future! Now. Next. Beyond.



  • ActiveAssist    

    Digital assembly assistance system software for manual assembly

    Digital assembly assistance system software for manual assembly

    Expanding upon Rexroth’s Industry 4.0 Intelligence, the ActiveAssist is an assistance system which uses software to connect physical assembly to the virtual world. In combination with sensors, touchscreens, cameras and projectors, the comprehensive assistance system guides employees through the work steps with precision and reduces varied assembly tasks down to a batch size of 1.

    At the heart of ActiveAssist is freely configurable software that supports employees with targeted information and help functions which intelligently guide them through the assembly process. Intuitive to use and completely connected, the assistance system increases process reliability and quality.

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  • ActiveCockpit    

    Production floor data visualization system for better decision-making

    Production floor data visualization system for better decision-making

    As an interactive communication platform, ActiveCockpit processes and visualizes production data in real time. ActiveCockpit’s software functionality can easily network with IT applications, such as, production planning, quality data management and e-mailing throughout plants, and provides information that is the basis for decisions and process improvements.

    Active Cockpit is an interactive web-based platform that is meant to sit right on the shop floor. By customizing it with all relevant data for a production line, associates can recognize deviations and make decisions more quickly to increase productivity.

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  • Tools

    High-precision tightening & production tools

    High-precision tightening & production tools

    For assembly of everything from dishwashers and refrigerators to automobiles and airplanes, Bosch Production Tools and Rexroth Tightening Systems are secure, reliable and accurate. Rexroth Tightening Systems use advanced digital control technology and long-lasting electric motors to provide scalable assembly tightening solutions for all automated and manual tightening tasks. Additionally, tightening products are designed to withstand a million maintenance-free tightening cycles under full load for high-volume, high-quality operations and minimal downtime.

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  • Improvidus OEE    

    Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) uses visualization to maximize production output

    Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) uses visualization to maximize production output Magnifier

    The ultimate platform for tracking, analyzing and enhancing productivity. Improvidus offers a powerful combination of software, consulting, and system development to empower your production lines to achieve optimal utilization of shop floor equipment.

    The visualization tool shows equipment availability, production output, and deviation information. Users are able to filter and navigate based on their specific areas of responsibility. This is a connected industry tool that combines big data and cloud storage with shop floor insights.

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  • Bosch Industry Consulting    

    Industry experts available to you with combination of Manufacturing and IT expertise

    Industry experts available to you with combination of Manufacturing and IT expertise Magnifier

    Bosch Industry Consulting combines experts from lean manufacturing with IT experts to understand customer pain points and develop a custom solution. By combining a lean assessment with I4.0 readiness, the consultants will create a specific roadmap for customers. The roadmap includes prioritization of changes, strategic use cases and recommendations to achieve company goals.

    The unique aspect about the Bosch Industry Consulting team is the combination of experience and available resources. This allows for the team to bring the roadmap solutions from proposal to implementation. Industry 4.0 is a journey that we are prepared and able to take on with our customers.

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