The Assembly Show


Flexible and responsive: Cutting-edge assembly and handling technology solutions

Whether you require precise positioning with minimum cycle times, fast changeover for small-size batches or flexible adaptation to changes in production, count on Bosch Rexroth for assembly and handling technology that can increase your productivity while reducing engineering time and costs. Our proven portfolio of drives, controls, linear modules, conveyors and mechatronics technology, combined with our extensive industry application expertise, makes Bosch Rexroth your expert partner for driving advances in assembly and handling systems.

Connect with our latest technology and product demonstrations and review your technical questions with our experts at The ASSEMBLY Show 2015 in Rosemont, IL, Booth #149, October 27-29, 2015. Several innovative technology exhibits will be presented, including a new Open Mechatronics Demo that utilizes Open Core Engineering to control a multi-axis Cartesian system. Other booth displays present the latest advances in conveyors and high-performance handling systems.

Browse the tabs below to learn more about some of the Bosch Rexroth technology you’ll see at The ASSEMBLY Show 2015.



  • Open Core Mechatronics

    Open Core Mechatronics — smarter control of Cartesian systems

    Multi-axis motion control and programming has never been easier thanks to Open Core Engineering. It provides access to the core of motion-logic drive and control platforms to enable programmers using standard IT languages like MATLAB, LabVIEW and even Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to create automation functions and applications.

    A special new Open Core Mechatronics exhibit demonstrates this capability at The ASSEMBLY Show 2015: The multi-axis demo features the latest linear motion technology from Rexroth, including the new generation of EMC electromechanical cylinders and the IMS-I integrated measuring system, and shows how a programmer can use VBA in Microsoft Excel to communicate directly with an intelligent drive to create motion sequences—eliminating the need for a PLC.

    You can also significantly streamline programming machine HMIs through the Open Core Interface. Taking advantage of predefined software functions, a machine builder can create a customized, easy-to-understand interface, such as a mobile app or HMI screen—allowing users to perform machine functions and collect data from virtually anywhere. Read more about the Open Core Engineering .

  • VarioFlow plus

    VarioFlow plus: Next-generation conveyor systems

    The VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system is a versatile, high-performance and standardized system ideal for machine builders and systems integrators who need to deliver flexible transport solutions to target markets and customers faster.

    Engineered to meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing assembly and handling operations, VarioFlow plus sets industry standards for flexibility and modularity. Users can easily configure individual, space-saving automation solutions for complex processing and transportation tasks, even in particularly difficult environments.

    When you incorporate VarioFlow plus into your assembly or handling solution, you benefit from:

    • Fast, smooth assembly due to pre-engineered modules
    • Economical hardware with high chain tensile strength
    • Compact drives for conveyor speeds from 5 to 66 m/min
    • Drive and curve wheels that can be coupled
    • Minimized noise and wear
    • Efficient MTpro Planning Software with Layout Designer—the fastest way to get started

    Find out more about the VarioFlow plus system.

  • Linear Modules

    High-precision linear motion systems PSK

    Combining a ball rail system and a ball screw within a compact frame, our PSK precision modules are powerful, fast and precise. The units achieve travel speeds of up to 96 m/min and a positioning repeatability of up to 5 micron—performance well-suited for many automated assembly systems. These modules have an array of useful accessories including clamping fixtures and plate and strip covers.

    Rexroth high-precision PSK linear motion systems provide:

    • Optimal running properties, high load capacities, high precision and high rigidity
    • Rapid mounting and easy axis alignment
    • Low-cost maintenance
    • Precise alignment and easy fastening of attachments

    See further details on high-precision modules here .

  • Manual Assembly

    Manual Production Systems

    Rexroth's Manual Production Systems (MPS) have been developed strictly in line with lean manufacturing principles. Based on our easy-to-reconfigure aluminum framing system, the MPS makes lean manufacturing easy and provides a fast setup for your lean systems.

    MPS lets you configure your system to meet your needs, and it’s robust enough to stand up to many changes—so you can meet your customers' changing demands without wasting your original investment. Use MTpro planning software and Rexroth expert support to plan and implement your systems and assembly lines.

    With the Rexroth MPS, you’ll enjoy benefits including:

    • Ergonomic workstations
    • Greater productivity and shorter passage times
    • Reduction in the seven types of manufacturing waste
    • Electrostatic discharge protection

    Learn more benefits of Manual Production Systems .

  • Tools

    Production and tightening tools

    For assembly of everything from dishwashers and refrigerators to automobiles and airplanes, Bosch Production Tools, Bosch Power Tools and Rexroth Tightening Systems are secure, reliable and accurate. Rexroth Tightening Systems use advanced digital control technology and long-lasting electric motors to provide scalable assembly tightening solutions for all automated and manual tightening tasks.

    Additionally, tightening products are designed to withstand a million maintenance-free tightening cycles under full load for high-volume, high-quality operations and minimal downtime.

    Rexroth offers tightening technology including:

    • Tightening spindles
    • Handheld and cordless nutrunners
    • Control and power electronics
    • Stationary tightening systems
    • Complete press-fit systems

    Learn more about Rexroth Tightening Systems.