International WorkBoat Show 2016


Innovative drive and control technology to improve productivity in marine applications

As more and more industry segments develop projects in the offshore working environment, they need technology engineered to deliver productive work while withstanding extremes of weather and ocean water corrosion. Bosch Rexroth has adapted numerous hydraulic components for deep sea applications with pressure compensation and corrosion protection to provide equipment with a longer maintenance-free life span and optimal performance.

Bosch Rexroth offers a comprehensive array of components and system solutions for marine support vessels, dredging, supply and salvage boats, oil exploration operations and deep sea applications. Offerings include unique solutions like Hӓgglunds CBM motors, Rineer vane motors, IndraDrive ML large electric drives and A6VM motors.

These and more technologies from Bosch Rexroth will be on display at the International WorkBoat show, November 30 - December 2, 2016 in New Orleans in booth #2611. Browse the tabs below to learn more about some of the Rexroth technology you’ll see at WorkBoat 2016.



  • Hӓgglunds Motors

    Hagglunds CB and CAb motors - do more with less

    Trust Hӓgglunds CB and CAb hydraulic motors to power your toughest direct-drive offshore and marine applications. The latest CAb motor range simultaneously delivers the highest power density with full torque and full speed that can be sustained indefinitely while the CB motor delivers 50 percent more torque in a more compact package.

    CB motor benefits:

    • High output torque and power/weight ratio
    • Full torque from zero to maximum speed
    • High efficiency and low maintenance costs

    CAb motor benefits:

    • Excellent controllability
    • Shock load protection
    • 14 configurations in small torque steps

  • Rineer Vane Motors

    Rineer Vane Motors—high torque with proven performance

    With a patented ‘vane crossing vane’ design, these motors provide a high torque at both start and stall, and flat torque throughout the entire speed range. They have proven performance in offshore drill rig top head drives and liftboat applications. Additional benefits include:

    • Maximum operating pressure of 3,000 psi
    • Speed up to 2,000 RPM continuous
    • Up to 150 HP (112 kW)
    • High power-to-weight ratio

  • IndraDrive ML

    IndraDrive ML Large Electric Drives - the megawatt-sized universal inverter

    These space-saving, modular electric drives can be used as main power inverters or as motor inverters. They minimize the variants, simplify handling and reduce storage costs while saving energy. More advantages include:

    • High power density
    • Application-optimized concepts to save energy
    • Modular universal inverters
    • Approved marine certifications: DNV GL, ABS, and LR for applications including winches, hoists and ship cranes

  • CytroPac HPU

    Save-saving design, fully equipped and Industry 4.0 ready

    The CytroPac hydraulic power unit is a revolutionary Rexroth solution to the challenges of fitting power units into tight machine spaces. CytroPac is one of the most compact and versatile units available that supports hydraulic power up to 4 kW.

    All CytroPac functions are elegantly integrated in the smallest space, in a low-noise package. The highly efficient Sytronix variable-speed drive intelligently adapts to the power required for a given duty cycle, yielding potential energy savings between 30% and 80 % as well as reduced CO2 emissions. CytroPac offers:

    • Pressure up to 100 bar, hydraulic power up to 4 kW
    • Flow rate up to 35 liters per minute, oil volume up to 20 liters
    • Speed-variable Sytronix pump-drive for demand-driven performance
    • Water-cooling thanks to efficient heat-pipe technology
    • Integrated frequency inverter with Sercos and Multi-Ethernet interface ( e.g. Sercos, - PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT)
    • Ready for use with the wired pressure, temperature, fill level, contamination and flow sensors – ready for i4.0!
    • Protection class IP 54

  • W3C

    Winch & Crane Control Cabinet

    Designing a control system for an offshore lifting application that complies with applicable laws while properly performing safety functions is a time-consuming process. This is why Rexroth has developed the Lifting Appliance Standard (LAS) controls package. This revolutionary pre-defined controls system comes available "off-the-shelf" with features such as:

    • Unified hardware and software for both electric and hydraulic-driven cranes
    • Integrated safety functions that are based off of the FMECA system - a Modular range with clearly defined interfaces
    • Modular, validated basic software across all hardware platforms
    • Open architechture for functional extension by machine makers
    • One standard "off-the-shelf" control for many lifting applications
    • Expandable outside the pre-configured hardware while still utilizing modular functions