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Battery Production


Modern energy storage production – efficient and cutting-edge

Renewables are increasingly important. Innovative electrical energy storage concepts for electromobility based on renewable energy sources in stationary storage units are revolutionizing our energy management systems. Linking these systems with smart grid concepts is no longer a futuristic ideal. Efficient approaches for the economical production and qualitative enhancement of storage technologies are in demand.

Bosch Rexroth is well acquainted with these market requirements and develops customized solutions tailored to specific battery production processes.

  • Dry room

    Maximum production reliability for highly demanding process conditions

    • Satisfies the highest requirements at air humidities well below 1 %
    • Uses production resources specifically developed for dry room conditions, i.e. elements and materials including plastic, rubber, adhesives, lubricants and sealants
    • Ensures certified, high-quality components for optimum reproducibility of all processes
  • Cleanroom

    The perfect conditions to ensure top quality and your competitive edge

    • Proven components for flawless production quality under cleanroom conditions
    • ESD protection throughout the process chain
  • Top precision           

    State-of-the-art technologies give you the edge

    • Proven, ultra-precise technologies for superb cell quality
    • Decades of multi-technology expertise
    • In-depth experience from the roll-to-roll process in print
  • Consistent standardization

    Best-in-class machine concepts with unsurpassed flexibility

    • Consistent cross-technology standardization
    • Flexible adaptation and fast responses to changing requirements or batch sizes
    • Optimum implementation of customer-specific needs