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Innovative solutions for Life Science and Healthcare

Life Science Technology

Systems for Diagnostics, Therapy and Laboratory Automation

Life Science Technology has to meet very high quality standards nowadays. Yet, the funding of modern healthcare and laboratory equipment is getting increasingly difficult due to imminent tax hikes and regulatory reforms. Therefore, it is necessary to significantly reduce costs in the healthcare segment without compromising quality.

Bosch Rexroth provides economically and ecologically efficient components to manufacturers of imaging and therapy systems and laboratory automation, to be able to realize their innovative and competitive products.

Rexroth Modular Technology for customer-specific requirements

Bosch Rexroth is able to supply manufacturers of health care and Life Science equipment with a comprehensive range of modular components suitable for the realization of innovative machine designs, such as: Multi-purpose x-ray systems, magnetic resonance scanners, laboratory liquid handling workstation, automatic laboratory processing systems and computer tomography scanners.

Innovative solutions for Life Science and Healthcare

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Multi-purpose x-ray system

Multi-Purpose X-Ray Systems

Unique Modular Technology for customer-specific multi-purpose X-Ray systems.

Computed tomography scanner

Imaging Devices

Imaging solutions for the efficient, flexible and comfortable treatment of patients.


Liquid handling workstation

Laboratory Liquid Handling Workstations

Efficient laboratory liquid handling workstations with maximum flexibility and low maintenance.

Laboratory automation systems

Automatic Laboratory Processing Systems

Flexible and individual solutions for your laboratory requirements.