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Warehousing and storage


Our smart controls, reliable drives, high-precision linear motion systems, and modern identification concepts provide you with flexible warehousing and storage options. Manual production systems with application-optimized material supply scenarios and customizable racking systems make sure that material doesn’t have to travel far and is always at hand when needed. Automated material flow within warehouse applications enables you to reduce inventory levels and hence costs. In all applications, the focus is on achieving maximum transparency for your processes.



  • Efficient routing and rapid access
  • Optimal material flow
  • Transparency
  • Reduced operating costs


  • Electric drives and controls
  • Linear motion technology
  • Assembly technology
  • Pneumatics


  • Reduced inventory levels and storage footprint thanks to built-in Kanban principles
  • Racking systems designed to ensure FIFO material flow
  • Clearly structured, modular systems for maximum efficiency and economy
  • Optimal assignment and search processes