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Process security for industrial applications

Factory operator using Rexroth equipment

Controlled safety, solid quality

In every production and assembly line are process control, precision and functionality at the highest stage the critical sizes: It is important every bolt is tightened to it’s proper torque and angle specification reliably. Automotive assembly requirements are clearly defined within VDI/VDE 2862. With the high accuracy of the electric tightening system from Bosch Rexroth, your process is already secure. Furthermore, you have the ability to document every tightening process and to evaluate statistics for quality assurance.

Improved productivity and money saving energy efficiency

Electric handheld tools enable accurate and reliable manual assembly. Electric stationary spindles provide short cycle times with a high degree of automation. Compared to pneumatic tools, the electric tightening systems from Rexroth save up to 50% of operating costs and more than 90% of CO2 emissions.

Factory worker filling receptacle with Rexroth equipment

Maximum flexibility

The number of product variants and the speed of development are increasing rapidly. To accommodate these needs, the modular design and flexible programming make tightening systems from Bosch Rexroth the ideal solution. The modular construction and common platform of handheld tools and stationary spindles enable quick and efficient deployment to satisfy new challenges. Fast and easy tool exchange during production is just as easy as adding wireless data transmission or reprogramming via the flexible operating system.

Custom-made ergonomic

An ergonomically designed tool and efficient implementation are requirements for high production efficiency. The electric tightening systems from Bosch Rexroth succeed by incorporating an ergonomic and user friendly approach. All handheld tools are designed to provide a comfortable handle and trouble free operation. In addition, torque reaction is minimized through the use of software settings for start-up and shutdown behavior. Our operating system further simplifies feedback via an intuitive user interface.

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