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Preventive Maintenance


Predictive diagnostics

We’ve taken diagnostics to a whole new level to help you identify maintenance/repair issues before they become problems. You know that fixing a potential problem is more efficient than major repairs. Here are a few example of how our advanced diagnostics can help you rationalize and make preventive maintenance productive and fast. Intelligent predictive maintenance allows you to achieve the full service life of components and prevents premature replacement.

Intelligent predictive maintenance and diagnostics.

Go beyond rudimentary warnings and gain practical, useful information.

For example, Rexroth’s new IndraDrive servo drive integrates a PLC that provides advanced monitoring not only of the drive, but also of the driven components. The integrated intelligence monitors drive characteristics, such as angle, speed, position, current, bus voltage, winding temperature, rotor position and speed. It can detect such conditions as motor bearing damage; friction, binding, and skewing in linear actuators; play, stiffness, and slippage in gearing and couplings; loose belts; dirt in the linear measuring system; and varying load conditions.

The drive can not only warn of deviations, it can also pinpoint the cause and degree of deviation—indicating whether the need for maintenance is critical or simply advising it will be needed soon. Maintenance can be scheduled efficiently and conveniently, which avoids conditions that cause unnecessary downtime.

Electronic systems can be self-adjusting, which again lowers setup and maintenance chores.

Intelligent pneumatics and hydraulics.

Advanced diagnostic and predictive maintenance functions are also available on Rexroth pneumatic and hydraulic systems. The Rexroth Drive & Diagnostic Link (DDL), for example, is a bus communication module that provides diagnostics down to the valve/solenoid level in pneumatic systems. The intelligence of electrohydraulic systems also offers new capabilities to ensure reliability and productivity.

Remote diagnostics

Wide support of fieldbus, EtherNet/IP, Sercos, and other communications protocols make it easy to review diagnostic information, receive warnings, and even respond remotely. Our control software enables a range of remote connectivity, including secure web-based access.

Maintenance free

Many of our components require no maintenance. For example, our lienar actuators feature innovative lubrication technology that essentially eliminates the need for on-going lubrication. In many cases, the lubrication will exceed the practical lifetime of the component—meaning it’s lubed for life. We also offer a variety of maintenance-free motors.

Servo technology

Servo-based machines not only offer productivity-enhancing speed and precision, they also dramatically reduce the number of mechanical parts—those most susceptible to wear and tear, loss of adjustment, and breaking. Camming, gearing, and linking can be handled electronically. We offer servo controls for electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems.