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Reliability / Uptime


Even scheduled downtime is expensive. Unplanned downtime is extremely costly and disruptive. Rexroth products are known worldwide for rugged reliability to build machines with outstanding uptime.

Rugged, reliable products

All Rexroth products are engineered for robustness—to operate day in and day out on the factory floor. Plus we offer products with extended temperature operation, with the ability to withstand harsh environments such as the coolants used in machining, and with

Servo technology

Servo-based machines promote uptime by dramatically reducing the number of mechanical parts—those most susceptible to wear and tear, loss of adjustment, and breaking.

Faster setup/changeover

Fast, adaptable machine configuration means that setup and job changeovers can be accomplished in minutes instead of hours. Whether you are using electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic power, intelligent controls allow new setups to be programmed and automatically made—without the traditional intervention to change cams, gauge and adjust parts, and other time- and labor-intensive manual tasks.

Preventive maintenance

Our low- and maintenance-free products and smart predictive diagnostics means maintenance can be conveniently scheduled to avoid disrupting production.