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Retrofit and Modernization

Retrofit and Modernization

Upgrade to State-of-the-Art

Protect your investment and improve manufacturing performance when you retrofit and modernize your machines -- and Rexroth is ready when you are. We can help make sure your production is truly state of the art – we can exchange software and hardware components and enhance your productivity without forcing you to make expensive new machine acquisitions.


Increase productivity through:

  • Modern technologies
  • Greater functionality
  • Faster process times
  • Shorter changeover times

Increase quality through:

  • Greater machining accuracy
  • Latest programming concepts
  • Optional – Safety on Board technology

Reduce costs when you:

  • Save on expensive new machine acquisitions
  • Enable budget advantage by phasing in drives and motors separately over time

Reduce downtime through:

  • Improved diagnosis, e.g. remote access service
  • Greater spare parts availability
  • Modern data backup concepts
  • Guaranteed serviceability