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Drive-integrated safety

The Rexroth's " Safety on Board ” integrates advanced safety functions directly into the drive. It lowers the overall cost of integration and deployment for the machine builder while providing the latest safe motion technology to the end user. The IndraDrive’s reaction times are 400 times faster—2 ms instead of the 800 ms or more common for a conventional solution that uses contactors to produce a safe stop. Safety on Board requires no contactors on the main power or motor power lines, needs no additional, external speed-monitoring devices, and operates independent of any supervisory control system.

EcoSafe guarding

Machine and perimeter guarding that’s easy, attractive, and effective in meeting even the most stringent safety standards.

Quieter machines

We can help you meet evolving standards for quieter factory floors. For example, we lead the industry in achieving the lowest noise levels in hydraulic power units —with high-performance units running a quiet 60 dBa.