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Reducing the cycle time of a machine, a process, or a transfer is the most obvious way to raise productivity and speed production. But beyond cycle time, you must also consider setup and changeover times, the amount of rework to parts, scrap, material flows, and all the other issues that can increase or decrease productivity.

Nearly everything we do, every product we make, is designed to help you increase productivity and reliability.

Faster linear actuators

Our linear modules move higher capacities at higher speeds.

Faster Ball Rails® and ball screws

Industry-leading speeds to dramatically reduce cycle times and increase throughput.

Distributed intelligence

Distributed intelligence solves the problem of a PLC’s finite processing in a simple, elegant way. Move the burden of controlling an individual axis to the servo drive. Each drive is capable of closing the feedback loop and can handle such advanced functions as cam tables, absolute feedback, electronic line shafting, diagnostics, and high-speed registration. The processing power that can be built into the drive with today’s processors and memory allows the drive to be quite intelligent. When you add a drive, you add more intelligence rather than sharing the fixed amount of a centralized system.

Intelligent servo drives

Achieve better accuracy and speed with drives that integrate high-speed functions (such as camming and registration) where they can occur hundreds of time faster than in the control.

Graphical HMIs

Graphical HMIs can display a wealth of information, including recipes, operating instructions, training, location of faults or problems, diagnostics, location of replacement parts in tool crib, step-by-step maintenance and parts replacement procedures, and pushbutton access to maintenance, supervisory, and engineering personnel.

Lean manufacturing

Rexroth Manual Production Systems provide a fast setup for your lean manufacturing systems, helping you develop a "pull system" that lets you make parts according to customer demand. Give your assembly operations agility they've never had - and eliminate waste, cut costs, improve quality, and boost productivity.