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The requirements set by the automotive industry’s demands on automation are as varied as the individual production areas themselves. Bosch Rexroth’s leading-edge expertise and advanced problem solving can help you with you automotive production challenges.

Preventive Maintenance - Take diagnostics to a new level and identify maintenance/repair issues before they become problems. Intelligent predictive maintenance allows you to achieve the full service life of components and prevents premature replacement.

Reliability and Uptime – Avoid unplanned machine downtime with the rugged reliability of Rexroth products.

Retrofitting - Avoid the capital-intensive expense of major new equipment with a cost-effective retrofit and breathe new life into existing equipment. Many older machines are sound in performing their functions, but don’t take advantage of recent advances in technology.

Productivity/Speed - Reduce the cycle time of a machine, process, or transfer to raise productivity and speed production. But also consider the changeover times, amount of rework to parts, scrap, material flows, and other issues that can increase or decrease productivity.

Lean Manufacturing - Give your assembly operations agility they've never had - and eliminate waste, cut costs, improve quality, and boost productivity

Safety - Drive-intergrated safety, guarding and more solutions to protect machine builders and users.

ISO - Globalization is causing a shift to designers preferring ISO-compliant pneumatic and hydraulic components.