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Coating Process


Particulate-free vacuum transport

Ensuring particulate-free substrate transport is absolutely essential for the coating process, especially when it involves OLED lighting applications. To this end, Rexroth offers the flexible Linear Motion System (LMS) for linear travel motions, which can be used under high vacuum conditions. It does not give off or discharge any foreign particles, thereby improving the quality of coating processes.

Coils mounted outside the chamber provide drive power for magnetic carriers. There is no need for seals, and availability increases because all of the electrical components are mounted outside the chamber. The technology is suited for virtually all load factors, precision levels and motion profiles. The system offers great flexibility. You can even move individual carriers forwards and backwards at different speeds.

  • Transport under demanding conditions (e.g. vacuum and high temperatures)
  • No moving cables
  • Improved availability thanks to wear-free electrics external to the process area
  • Multi-carriers with different speeds
  • Practically maintenance-free

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