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Flexographic printing presses

a flexographic printing press, Bosch Rexroth printing and converting

Our benefits for your machine

  • Flexibility during production thanks to infinitely variable repeat lengths
  • Direct drives allow for modern gearless machine concepts
  • Reduced startup times thanks to “flying” changeover at full machine speed

How it works

Flexographic printing presses were formerly known to be rather slow production machines that had to undergo quite an elaborate process changeover before they could be used for the next order. But the new gearless central cylinder flexographic printing presses are flexible and dynamic production systems used for package printing. The flexographic printing presses operated with Rexroth IndraMotion for Printing and digital intelligent IndraDrive servo motors are marked by infinitely variable repeat lengths and maximum productivity. Whether printing on thin plastic film, paper or cardboard boxes – the print results are always precise and truly reproducible.