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Gravure printing presses

a gravure printing press from Rexroth

Our benefits for your machine

  • Less paper waste when machine is set up thanks to fast register pre-adjustment when switching to the next job
  • Standard mechanical compensators are no longer required (i.e., shorter web lengths in the machine and higher register accuracy)
  • Proven system integration for the register controls known in the market, integrated register control functionality
  • Easy access to the drive side of the machine by eliminating mechanical shaft (i.e., simplifies machine maintenance and operation)

How it works

An appealing packaging will decide about the marketing success of today’s consumer goods. A variety of colors and maximum print quality is a must when printing on plastic foils, composite films, paper, coated aluminum and the like. Bosch Rexroth’s automation system IndraMotion for Printing with digital servo motors and adjusted control and operating components allows for new, more efficient concepts for shaftless gravure printing presses which meet that high quality standard.