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Worker using Rexroth printing equipment

Bosch Rexroth makes printing processes reliable, cost-effective and flexible

Megatrends are shaping the future of the printing and processing industry. New application fields and emerging markets require innovative solutions that ensure productivity and stability. In order to stay ahead of the competition, manufacturers need automation technology that is cost-effective, energy efficient and most of all, future-proof. With Rexroth as your automation partner, you benefit from our tailored solutions and longstanding expertise for all your printing needs.


The demographic changes in the industrialized nations and the increasing prosperity in new global markets are resulting in an ever increasing variety of packaging with smaller batch sizes. At the same time, new applications are being developed such as the printing of RFID electronics. These challenges can only be met with modular, flexible machine concepts.


As printers and convertors, your goal in day-to-day operation is to be able to changeover for new jobs as quickly as possible and return to full production speed – every minute counts. In addition, modern machines often operate around the clock for decades. Intelligent service concepts such as condition monitoring assist you in ensuring this longevity and planning for economical maintenance intervals.


The quality requirements for printing and converting are constantly on the rise. Particularly with smaller batch sizes, minimizing start-up paper waste is an important quality factor for you. The key to success: A perfect synchronization across all machine units – a key requirement, particularly in functional printing.

Time to market

As a machine manufacturer, you want to implement new concepts or variants more quickly. Efficient engineering, reusable software, and easy system expandability shorten your time to market.


Machine operators all over the world are feeling a growing sense of responsibility. Energy-efficient machines reduce power consumption while providing the same productivity and thus contribute to climate protection. Long-lasting automation components and integrated worldwide service protect your investment for decades.