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Project information sheet: GelreDome Arnhem

The complex hosts over sixty major events p.a.. In addition, many meetings and conferences are held at GelreDome.

The requirements placed on Rexroth:

Development and delivery of the electromechanical roof drive system based on a rack and pinion drive system.

The technical principle and concept by Rexroth:

The roof consists of two roof halfs. Which are moving horizontally. In each edge of the stadion is drive system located, not on the moving part of the roof. A drivesystem consists of two motors with gearboxes and a cabinet. The synchronisation is controlled by an analog CLM motion controller on eath roof half. All the motors are equipped with rotatory incremental encoders. As addi-tional safety synchronisation in the PLC, counting the teeth of the toothed rack. If the difference is over one tooth, the system stops.

The control concept by Rexroth:

Diax02 with a CLM and a PLC. The two drives are working in a master slave system, in which the master transfer it’s torque analogue to the slave drive. The both drive systems from one roof part are synchronised via an analogue signal from one CLM. The PLC is controlling the missallignement of the roof-part.

The services rendered by Rexroth:

  • 8 AC-Servo asynchronous motors
  • 8 Diax 02 drives with 4 normal power supplies with brake resistor modules
  • 2 CLM controllers and a PLC as main controller
  • 4 electric control Cabinets (one per side of the roof half)
  • Appllication software
  • Commissioning
  • Service contract