Rexroth has taken a lead role in developing hydraulics motors , cylinders and drives to replace mechanical drives on locks and canals across the globe. Canal operators such as the Panama Canal Authority have benefited from more compact hydraulic systems that are also more reliable and easier to operate and maintain.

Major lock upgrade projects using Rexroth hydraulics include:

  • The Panama Canal
  • The Weilend Canal on the Great Lakes
  • The Kiel Canal in that links the North Sea and the Baltic Sea
  • Locks on the Danube, Main, Neckar and Mosel rivers in Europe

Direct connected hydraulic cylinders have become the industry standard for the drive system for lock miter gates. Rexroth hydraulic drives with electronic controls have become the ideal choice for remote and automated lock operation.

Rexroth Hydraulics in the Panama Canal

Read how the Panama Canal Authority retrofitted a new hydraulic drive system on miter gates.

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