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Nibbling machines

Nibbling machine

Nibbling describes a separating production process by which means the workpiece is cut off in stages using a cutting punch.

Nibbling machines are used in a machining process to produce individual cutouts in the shape and size required.


Requirements of components/systems:

  • Very high dynamics and a repetitive accuracy of up to +/- 0.01mm
  • Depending on stroke length (3 - 10 mm) approx. 3000 - 4000 strokes/min.
  • Series-compatible solutions
  • Stamping, nibbling, engraving, soft punching operating modes

Rexroth solutions

SYEHL axes (complete nibbling axis including cylinders, valves and control system) = co-ordinated and tested components, no interface problems (hydraulics, electrics)

Control valves (usually. 4WRSE10 ,4WRVE , 3WRCE32 )

SYHNC electronics

PGH internal gear pump, A10VSO axial piston variable displacement pump

Ball rail systems and ball screw assemblies for sheet metal positioning