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Rexroth as your business partner

Whether developing innovative process solutions or automating complete press lines: Rexroth combines system solutions, developed specially to meet the requirements of metal forming, with worldwide application experience.

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All from a single source and decades of experience.

Rexroth offers you cross-technology solutions to enable you to find the most suitable solution for you – both technical and cost effective – for every movement.

Global presence and extensive service operations

  • With its global presence Rexroth ensures worldwide consultancy and worldwide service at the same level
  • Innovative service activities such as condition monitoring and remote maintenance concepts are worked out in collaboration with you – the customer.

Machine safety – Safety On Board

  • State-of-the-art safety technology
  • Control blocks with integrated safety function to UVV
  • Universal competence and practical training
  • Products conforming to standards, economic system solutions and easy implementation

Rexroth for Energy Efficiency

  • Save energy and increase productivity with 4 effective levers.
  • Reduced energy consumption through the use of speed-variable pumps
  • Recover unused energy by means of feedback-enabled electric drives, thus reducing power requirement
  • Reduced energy requirement by using intelligent tools for application-oriented dimensioning, shorter hoses as well as consumption-optimized pressures
  • Heavy-load roller rail guides reduce friction by up to 90 percent compared with sliding guides

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Improved economic efficiency over the complete service life, thanks to increased energy efficiency, swift and secure retooling for high availability and maximum efficiency with reduced cycle times
  • Less downtime through use of SI-Technology
  • Simulation services (with software exclusively developed by Rexroth) accelerate optimization of existing systems and shorten development times for new concepts
  • Reduction in engineering costs due to availability of CAD/CAM data
  • Simplification of design complexity and logistic costs for service thanks to standardized components