Electric drives and controls

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    Electric drive and controls

    In consultation with the customer Rexroth translates the application procedures into a control philosophy, which forms the basis for the development of hardware and software.

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    IndraDrive ML is simply the most scalable drive system available in terms of power, performance control, and connectivity. The space-saving, modular inverter can be used as a mains power inverter or as a motor inverter which minimizes the variants, simplifies handling and reduces your storage costs.

Marginal Column

The specially designed controls with dedicated software enables the operator to go through different phases of the procedures fully controlled. The integrated control system provides the operational capability to the system and continuously guards the system safety. To assure the safety and reliability of the integral system extensive redundancy features are included in the drive and the control technology.

Data retrievement

The control system is based on a master-slave principle and controls the correct interaction between the central computer and the modules. The provision of actual data of the drive & control system enable manual interventions by the operator. Apart from the functional control the operator control panel provides a Graphical User Interface, facilitating system monitoring and parameter adjustment.