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Winch drives

  • Winch drives
    Winch drives

    Winch drives

    Depending on what the ship is to be used for, Rexroth is able to supply drive and control solutions for a very wide range of winch systems. From winch control blocks and gearboxes for winches up to hydraulic winch motors and valves.

  • Anchor winch drives
    Anchor winch drives

    Anchor winches

    Drive and control for anchor, mooring and combined windlasses, if required also with active heave compensation. From standard components such as gearboxes, motors, control blocks and valves up to complete Drive & Control solutions.

  • Mooring winch drives
    Mooring winch drives

    Mooring winches

    Winch control blocks permit sensitive and load-independent lifting and lowering in windlasses and mooring winch systems.


Winch Gears

Winches with high pressure hydraulics are characterized by the fact that they need only a small installation space and that their operation is infinitely controllable and load-independent. Whether it’s compact winches in closed circuit, winch drives in open circuit or secondary control drives for maximum dynamics: Rexroth is the right partner when it comes to winch drives in all performance categories.


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