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    Motion Platforms

    Products and solutions

    Our knowledge in drive and control skills, is gained over 25 years of practisce as a supplier for high performance 3dof and 6dof motion platforms for training, research and entertainment applications.

3Dof and 6dof Motion Platforms

For today’s simulation market Rexroth offers electrically driven 3dof and 6dof motion platforms: eMotion-1500, eMotion-2700, cMotion-16500 and cMotion-33000. The 6dof motion platform solutions, eMotion, are perfectly suitable for flight simulators, driving simulators and many other types of motion simulators. Rexroth's 3dof motion platform solutions, cMotion, are specially designed to meet the latest standards in tthe cabin crew trainer market.


Please get in touch with your Hydraulics Bosch Rexroth Distributor for more information.

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