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Offshore Production

  • Offshore production
    Offshore production

    Offshore production

    Rexroth offers a wide ranging product and solution portfolio for the production industry:

    - Industrial hydraulics

    - Tensioner systems

    - Turret systems

    - Offloading systems

    - Chain jack systems


Ensuring stable production

Knowing that offshore production is a wide and varied segment in the offshore industry, Rexroth is always standing at the ready with the best production solution. From fixed platforms to deep sea solutions and from FPSOs to SPARs. All these differ greatly from each other. Yet, all share one common goal: to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their offshore operations. An extremely important aspect since every wasted minute comes with a high cost. Rexroth understands the individual and shared needs of its customers and goes to great lengths to create sustainable, reliable solutions.

Continuous uptime programs

Through high quality products, ingenious solutions and immediate service Rexroth enables various companies to smooth out their processes. This is extremely important in the offshore environment where high reliability is a must. At the same time, swift actions to increase uptime must be accompanied by the utmost in quality and safety standards.