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Offshore wind installation

  • Offshore wind installation
    Offshore wind installation

    Wind installation

    Rexroth offers a wide ranging product and solution portfolio for the wind installation industry:

    - Industrial hydraulics

    - Jacking systems

    - Skidding and fixation

    - Crane systems

    - Winch systems


Rising fast and steadily

Wind energy has been the “green” representative of the offshore industry for more than a decade. However, the wind energy market has its challenges. Among them, the additional demands on traditional jacking systems for installation and maintenance vessels and platforms. Rexroth meets these demands with a new standard in jacking: the high performance continuous jacking system. This system increases load capacity, works at higher jacking speeds and has an advanced control system. Its specifically integrated features lead to more reliability, safer operations and a healthy reduction of power.

Offshore heavy lifting

The newest in offshore heavy lifting is the development and production of motion-compensated barges. A promising new type of working barge that helps solve the age-old problem of sea-induced motions during offshore installation work. This new technology features a broad range of applications. The barge’s main feature is that it is outfitted with a durable standard on-shore crane. Essentially, all marine lifting operations up to 500 tons can now be performed safer, quicker, and at lower costs.