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Mud pumps

Optimal mud flow is ensured with our drive solutions, which allow high torque at low speed and infinite speed variations. Our direct-drive systems save space and weight, making them as efficient in their design and layout as they are in their performance.

Top head drives / power swivel drives

The heavy-duty design and proven technology of our drive solutions mean reliability and flexibility. Our rugged drive equipment withstands the toughest environments, yet it gives you fine-tuned control for optimized production. Our compact and weight-saving solutions enable smooth, efficient movement from one project to the next.

Draw works

With their high power capacity and unmatched power-to-weight ratio, our drive solutions enable efficient tripping of your pipe or rod. Their excellent low-speed performance – even near zero rpm – makes it easy to feather-control the load or to run smoothly in auto-drilling mode. Compact and lightweight, they are as easy to install as they are to use.

Rotary table drives

The rugged technology of our drive solutions is perfectly matched to the tough environment faced by your rotary table drives. Our drive motors are compact and enclosed, making them virtually sealed off from dirt, heat and other harsh conditions.

Coiled tubing

Our direct-drive solutions speed up and simplify your work with coiled tubing. Even at the lowest speeds and highest torque levels, they provide unmatched controllability. Moreover, they save space and weight in the design of your equipment.

Rexroth Hydraulic Drive Technology for Crude Oil Pumps

Secondary controlled drives for the oil land based industry.