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Solutions for Wave Energy Plants

Wave Energy Converters

Rexroth is a specialist for various drive technologies. We believe that hydraulics are exceptionally suited for generating electricity from wave power. With hydraulics it is possible to transform linear oscillation into a controlled rotation (for driving a generator) efficiently and with a minimum on mechanics. In addition very high transmission ratios can be achieved in an economical way, i.e. the conversion of high forces respectively torques at the input of a wave energy converter (WEC) into considerably lower torques at high rotational speeds at the generator shaft.

The widely known force density of hydraulics allows a very compact design. The small inertial forces and good damping properties typical for hydraulics ease the handling with a highly varying power input. Also an optional power smoothing via hydraulic accumulators is easy to implement. The maximum forces to occur during extreme situations can be kept away from sensitive parts of the device with the help of hydraulic elements like pressure relief or free wheeling.

Hydraulics is a robust and well proven technology. Bosch Rexroth hydraulic products and system have been in use for decades also in marine and offshore. By consequently applying the so gained experiences the risky deployment of less proven and tested drive train technologies in new device designs (“prototype inside a prototype”) can be avoided .