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Solutions from Rexroth


Technology related Rexroth hydraulics advantages:

  • Hydraulics foregoes technology dependant on mechanical diverters and is lubricated by the hydraulic fluid itself
  • Hydraulic systems with variable displacement hydror motors are extremely robust and can also cope with extreme load deviations combined with a minimized installation space

The Best Surface Technology: Enduroq

Thermal spraying and overlay welding have become the standard. Together, these in-house technologies form Rexroth's new brand name: Enduroq. Next to our newly branded in-house technology, Rexroth supplies chromium-plated piston rods that are proven to offer the best combination of functionality, durability and total cost of ownership. For all environmental situations, Rexroth's Enduroq surface technologies can offer excellent solutions. Furthermore, Enduroq integrates concepts for selecting, engineering and producing leads, steering to the highest quality products and services. Meeting the highest industry standards and requirements.


Application example:

Rexroth hydraulic technology reduces e.g. in ocean current turbines the number of components down in the sea to just a single robust pump which feeds the hydraulic fluid to a floating motor generator set at the sea surface. This simplifies maintenance and lowers also the operation expenses.