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Rubber extrusion for your finishing processes

Rubber Calenders and rubber extrusion

Your finishing processes are no less important than your materials or the methods used to mix them. Here as well, you need precise and reliable control for the perfect product. Your calenders and extruders can benefit greatly from our rubber machinery solutions, which give you superior control and many opportunities to optimize quality and production capacity. Whatever your compound or finished product, our rubber processing solutions offer a broad working range, a smooth working process and the most exact result.

Benefits for extruders in the rubber industry

  • Highly dynamic speed control allows exact optimization of rubber extrusion processes
  • Direct-mounted design and high torque-to-weight ratio reduce extruder size and weight

Benefits for calenders in rubber processing

  • High controllability enables fine-tuning of production efficiency and product quality
  • A wide speed range and flexible design allow optimization of the broadest range of compounds
  • Compact design eliminates the need for flexible couplings when mounting on calender rollers