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Advantages of Bosch Rexroth rubber mixing machines

  • Rubber mixing machine, rubber mixer and drive, internal mixers
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    Internal Mixers

    The flexibility of your rubber mixing machine might be its most vital characteristic. Your mixer and its drive may operate for ten years, fifteen years or more - during which your compounds and demands are likely to change.


Whether your rubber mixing machine is tangential or intermeshing, we have a solution that lets it adapt. The power and control to optimize today's compounds are right at your fingertips. But so is the versatility to meet new requirements, changing regulations and the material demands of tomorrow.

You get a system that responds to the slightest change, and one that can change with your business through easy adjustments and upgrades.


Benefits for internal mixers

  • Fast, highly dynamic control enables compound optimization and the highest productivity.
  • Infinite variation makes it easy to adapt the rubber mixing process for new additives and compounds.
  • Small drive dimensions minimize the necessary floor space.
  • Flexible motor placement on the same or different sides of each shaft savese additional space.
  • With separate Drive Unit there is no need to place it close to the shaft on the rubber mixing machine. It gives you possibility to move the drive unit from the mezzanine floor and relief the mezzanine form a lot of weight and allows a smaller and lighter construction of the mezzanine floor.
Internal Mixers