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Keeping your rubber processing rolling – safely

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    Roll mills

    Whether you use your roll mill to mix, homogenize or warm up your materials, your utilization of its rollers determines your efficiency. At the same time, rubber industry safety depends on how quickly you can stop them.


We can help you get more from your roll mill, no matter what process or compounds it handles. Our solutions give you truly flexible power, letting your fully optimize the speed of the rollers and the friction between them.

In the process, they bring you unparalleled safety. Able to stop in just a few degrees of rotation, they safeguard life and limb as well as your productivity.


Benefits for roll mills

  • Fully variable speed on both rollers gives a guaranty of precise control, while the Quick-Stop function provides the market's fastest stopping time.
  • Independent drive of the rollers creates countless alternatives for optimizing speed and friction to your compound.