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Your benefit: Worldwide rubber processing excellence

  • Rubber processing, rubber machinery, rubber applications, rubber industry safety
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    A partner who puts you in control.

    Much of what defines your rubber products is also what you look for in an rubber equipment supplier. Quality, flexibility, consistency - Bosch Rexroth offers all this and more.


Built on years of drive and control experience our solutions can enhance all aspects of your production. In demanding rubber manufacturing processes worldwide, they provide power, versatility and control, along with the market's fastest Quick-Stop function.

For the demanding everyday tasks in the rubber industry, we know all about providing the power and control to do the job efficiently. Our solutions meet requirements for rubber industry safety and help improve your operation’s production flow.

Our solutions give you an edge in rubber processing as your industry changes, from productivity and safety to efficiency and performance. And, because their construction is modular, you can adjust and upgrade them easily, so you remain competitive over time.


By using Bosch Rexroth solutions for your machines and applications you get:

  • Superior control, with full command over speed and torque
  • Peace of mind, through high reliability and the market's fastest Quick-Stop function
  • Installation savings, through compact and lightweight design
  • Ongoing flexibility, through modular construction and versatile operation
  • Solid global backing, with swift service provided by skilled and experienced engineers