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Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems for Diesel Engines


Precisely the amount of cooling as currently required: Diesel-engine cooling systems with closed-loop controlled hydrostatic fan drives and intelligent master control reduce emissions and lower diesel consumption.

Arctic temperatures or desert climate, driving into the station or full tractive power: closed-loop controlled cooling systems developed by Rexroth will generate precisely the cooling power required at that time and irrespective of the diesel engine speed.

Cooling system

With a transparent design-to-cost process Rexroth supports manufacturers of rail vehicles in their design and construction of optimum cooling systems – right from the planning phase. Rexroth offers here a free choice between hydraulic and electric solutions.

  • Coolers
  • Hydraulically-controlled fans
  • TSA - Temperature sensors for air
  • TSF - Tempetature sensors for fliuds