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Industrial Hydraulics in Wood Products


Fast and Reliable Hydraulics for Sawmills and Feedmills

If you’re looking for innovative hydraulic and control solutions for your wood product applications, Rexroth will show you the forest and the trees. We develop fast, accurate, and economical positioning packages using rugged, reliable proportional and servo valves, as well as digital control technology. This puts you on the leading edge of high performance.

Rexroth is a major supplier of hydraulic power units and custom manifolds. With our Hyvos simulation tool, we can properly size closed loop systems for optimum performance. We consistently obtain accuracies of less than 0.001”.

Rexroth hydraulics are in sawmill equipment such as:

  • Setworks
  • Double length infeed
  • Shape saws
  • Edgers

Veneer equipment using Rexroth hydraulics includes:

  • X-Y chargers
  • Lathe spindles
  • Powered back-up rolls
  • Clipper

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