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Legacy Pump Replacement Program

The extrusion press is the workhorse of manufacturing. It can operate productively for many decades with proper maintenance and life-cycle management. However, now many extrusion presses are using outdated, inefficient and unreliable hydraulic pumps.

Bosch Rexroth engineered soution

Bosch Rexroth can engineer a solution to directly match the way your older hydraulic components operate.

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Improving Extrusion Press Performance with a Hydraulics Upgrade

An emerging challenge for the extrusion press industry is older hydraulics technology: Many presses continue using inefficient and unreliable hydraulic pumps. Parts have become nearly impossible to obtain and qualified technicians are harder to find. The Rexroth engineering team in Bethlehem, PA, collaborated with associates in Germany to design and engineer a pump/manifold/controls replacement unit.

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Measurable results that go beyond reducing downtime.

As a long-standing leading supplier and operator in hydraulics technologies, we know what the current and future extrusion production requirements are. As an experienced partner, we know what it takes to upgrade your legacy extrusion presses.

The result? A drop-in solution that can modernize the press without the significant downtime or cost associated with a complete upgrade or replacement. Installation can take place over a long weekend, with tear-out happening Friday and full production by Tuesday.

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Superior Extrusions Case Study

Hydraulics Upgrade Provides Unexpected Benefits for Aluminum Extrusion Press

Learn how Bosch Rexroth’s drop-in hydraulics solution gave Superier Extrusions measurable improvements immediately. Read the case study!

Legacy Pump Replacement Flyer

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Plug & produce in sensor production

Rexroth Press Modernizations Improve Your Bottom Line

Bosch Rexroth experts are your partners in reducing costs and increasing productivity through modernization of your older press systems. Watch the video to learn more!

GEI Case Study

Smart move: Extrusion press hydraulics upgrade uses phased approach to improve results

When GEI needed to develop a plan to upgrade key hydraulics and controls on their main extrusion press, they turned to Rexroth for solutions. Read the case study.

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Is your press downtime going up and throughput going down? How often is your press offline and not producing parts because of hydraulic pump problems and failures?

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